Join us for an experience of

Quantum Consciousness and Transformation

with Whapio, Monika and Sunshine

as we journey through the Seasons of a Woman’s Life


Tuesday evening – Friday morning

May 8th – 11th

in Mendocino, CA

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During our time together…

We will speak of profound and meaningful concerns

and sit in Circle in the tradition of the Great Mystery Schools.

We will share teachings and stories, create ceremony and visit the

realms of our Beginnings and Endings –

of Maiden, Mother, Midwife, Matriarch and Elder.

In these changing times we have been asked to hold

the transformation sweeping across this planet.

The undergirding for this Retreat is to embrace this vocation

and step forth in readiness to Hold Transformation in ourselves,

our communities and in the Global arena.

We will become Changing Women, Quantum Women,

Mystically-Intelligent Women as we explore the cycles

of our Sacred Consciousness.


Our Schedule…

Tuesday Evening

Opening the Circle…Calling Council

When we gather to speak of profound and meaningful experiences
a Circle becomes a Council of Women.


The Womb…Conception…The Void
Altered States of Consciousness

Tonight we explore our Conception….and our Cosmology.
Not how we got here…but first, why are we here.
What universe called us…what worldwork have we agreed
to undertake, what gifts have we brought and
how can we access them now that we are Earthside.
We’ll have a Tour of Consciousness and learn
to articulate the states of thinking, feeling and knowing.
We’ll explain what occurs…in Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta…
and how this enhances our instinctual responses to sex, birth and life.
We’ll also discuss the brain wave states found in monks and meditators.

Wednesday Morning


Blood Mysteries…The Maiden…Our Genetic Potential
The Chalice…Women as the Ancestral Sex

As caregivers and holders of transformation it is relevant that we know how we got here as well as where we’re going. We’ll discuss some amazing facts about our biology and learn how women have, at all times, the complete component of genetic material to create life. This is the ultimate biology session and we’ll discuss the ramifications of Light Conception and Parthenogenesis. Let’s visit some amazing areas of Women’s Wisdom and use biological fact to understand women as the Ancestral Sex. Let’s explore the Chalice, the Vessel, The Womb…

and the mystical biology of Conception.

All fact, no fiction.

Wednesday Afternoon


Giving the Light/Receiving the Light
Matresence…MotherMaking…The Archangel

We’ll discuss the beauty and power of birth, the ease and grace of bringing forth life on this planet.We’ll discuss how all the power of the universe flows through the birthing mother and why we should trust birth and ourselves in this sacred realm. We can be self directed; we can be fulfilled and safe in our transformation and spiral this consciousness into the world whenever we want.

We’ll look at the authentic and lawful role of the Father/Partner in birth.

We’ll meet the Archangel. We’ll see the creation of family and be amazed by the giving and receiving of the Light.

Wednesday Evening

Sexual Wisdom and Paths to the Divine

Tales from the wisdom traditions of the Ancient Midwives…
powerful stories of how life began and how consciousness shifts.
Intimate knowledge of Women’s Mysteries to be revealed.
Sexual Wisdom to be shared.
Multiple orgasms…cosmic orgasms…sex as a path to the Divine.
It’s imperative that we know the power of our sexuality and understand that we have within us the ability to generate wavelengths that stimulate cell division and restoration to the
planet. Being valued sexually is an underlying theme in numerous personal conflicts and we will begin to create a body of Sexual Wisdom in our culture that elevates our sexual
responses as a Path to the Divine.

Thursday Morning


Holding the Consciousness…Entheogens…Dreams
The Midwife…The Matriarch…Global Consciousness

The work of the Midwife is to become a deeply connected woman who can hold space, accompany families and not interfere. To do this it is relevant to look at the places we are
wounded and to see how it can be so easy to direct the care of another through our own wounds. Exceptional caregiving requires healing our wounds before attempting to care for the
body and soul of another.

We’ll look at Woundology and discuss healing wounds vs feeding wounds and offer stories and scenarios of how to excavate wounds rather than prolong them. 

We’ll explore how transformation occurs at the edge of our comfort zone.

We’ll discuss ideas and ideologies and agendas for transformation that we may carry. We’ll invoke the power of the Witness and the concept of Undisturbed Transformation. Well look at a model of care that supports deep transformation.

We’ll talk about soul-level connections, self-direction, trust and transparency as the hall marks of a paradigm of authentic transformation.

Thursday Afternoon

Holding Transformation…Exceptional Caregiving

The Matriarch holds the world. Under her wings nestle all of humanity.
She distributes the harvest and makes sure everyone gets what they need.
She uses her power and influence wisely.
We’ll have a discussion of utmost importance…Rank, Power and Privilege.
We’ll articulate two types of rank that are not commonly named but are most commonly used to subvert others…psychological rank and spiritual rank.
Honest discussion of these experiences of rank can bring a new level of understanding and compassion to our world.

Thursday Evening

Bones and Beyond

The Edge…The Ethers…Resurrection
La Loba…Sisters of the Wolf…The Elder

The Wise One Holds the Bag of Rice.
This is the province of Eldership…to hold the sustenance of the planet.
Leaders lead but Elders follow. They follow, and always show up when there’s conflict. Let’s explore the nature of conflict and offer some tools of eldership.
Collaborative Behavior and Styles of Relating.
We’ll begin learning some conflict resolution and mediation techniques that we can apply in practice. We’ll understand when to avoid, when to accommodate, what happens when we compete and what it takes to collaborate.

We must understand the terrorist. We can appreciate why our understanding of
everything on the planet is necessary and possible for Peacekeeping.
We’ll share new definitions of peace, safety, politics.
We’ll learn awareness and the ability to understand and articulate clearly in challenging situations. Not your typical discussion of safe space.

Friday Morning


Changing Woman…The GiveAway
Quantum Women…Quantum Transformation

On this day we honor the mystery of completion…
Death and dying, rebirth and resurrection.
We make our choices and take our vows, witnessed by each other
and the great landscape that has held us close.
We sit together as Changing Women in an ancient ceremony
brought forth in modern time.

Our Grand Mothers and Madronas knew the wisdom and power inherent in change. Now, we invoke Changing Woman — and she comes.

We spend time in solitude and then return together to share our vision.

We participate this ageless ritual, graced and gifted by earth and time.

We ponder the mysteries of the Wheel, the Grid, the Great Motion.

We leave our bones, only to begin again.

Changing Woman is interwoven with a GiveAway and we ask that each woman bring a small gift…something that belongs to you and that you treasures and would be honored and happy for another sister to receive. It does not need to be wrapped.

Closing the Circle is our last act of Council.

We will close after Changing Woman on Friday.