For Midwives, Doulas and Birth Caregivers



Friday – Saturday – Sunday

April 7th – 9th
in Rochester, NY
Cost $345



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Three days of stimulating and cutting edge information
about Birth Consciousness.

Some of the topics we will explore:

• The Quantum Paradigm and Undisturbed Birth
• Evolutionary Patterns in Caregiving
• A Tour of Birthing Consciousness
• The Authentic Role of the Father/Partner
• Family Centered Birth or Family Directed Birth: There is a Difference
• Claiming an Undisturbed Birth in any setting
• Using Power and Influence Wisely
• Articulating our Wounds and the Birth Wound with Integrity
• Eldership in Holding Transformation with Families
• Collaboration, Peacekeeping and Win/win Situations


 Many women are asking for more.
They are asking doulas and caregivers to become articulate on these topics.
They are seeking caregivers who can offer an a more conscious perspective
with genuine intimacy and deeper understanding of physiologic birth.
After this weekend, your experience of childbirth will change…
your knowledge base will be expanded and you will come away with so much love
and passion for birth that your practice will reach a new level.


 From Whapio…

Transformational Birth

I was taught, by birthing women, that most of us are capable of birthing our
children without interference and that the experience of childbirth allows us to
access altered and empowered states of consciousness that expand our perspective
and guide us through transformation.
Women showed me that birth is many things to many people…
for some, birth brings the emotional realm into focus, for others it’s a major
physical event. It’s political to some, it’s sacred for others, it’s social and cultural,
even medical…but above all, and inclusive of all, birth is transformative.
Women desire to be witnessed, not managed or controlled but truly witnessed, in
one of the most outstanding, transformative moments of their lives.
From these teachings that women and families shared with me comes the
Matrix of the Quantum Paradigm and the imperative to share them with you.

Schedule and Curriculum

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A Quantum Paradigm and Evolutionary Models of Care
As we evolve, our approach to caring for families in birth also evolves.
Many women are choosing to be more self-directed.
Many are choosing to be present to the transformation of birth and want
affirmation and support, rather than anxiety and risk screening.
How can we show up for these women!
Trust and Transparency and Creating Soul-Level Connections
We’re all working on Trust. It’s a Global Issue
How does Trust and Transparency play out in the Birthing Realm

Navigating Ideas and Ideologies in Childbirth
Ideas Liberate…Ideologies Suffocate and Dominate
Are we careful to bring a myriad of ideas and possibilities
to searching families but leave ideologies and agendas out.
A Tour of Birthing Consciousness
Birth is Transformational…and Transformation Happens Outside our Comfort Zone
What’s it like being outside your comfort zone…for the mom and caregiver


The Authentic Role of the Father/Partner
We’re bringing Dads and Partners into foreground of birth today
Who gets to designate the role of the Father?
One of our most important discussions!
Family Centered birth or Family Directed Birth?
There is a difference…
How to claim an Undisturbed Birth experience in any setting.

Physiology Rules!
Some clearly non-physiologic practices that moms and doulas
should hear reframed in the light of natural physiology
A plea for the reform of Second Stage! 


Holding Transformation for Birthing Families
Expanding our Scope of Practice as Caregivers
Articulating our Wounds (and the Birth Wound) with Integrity
We all have wounds, and none of us…mother or caregiver…
want the experience of birth dictated by a wound.

Eldership and Conflict Resolution
Using Power and Influence Wisely
Collaboration, Peacekeeping and Win/Win Solutions
Leaders lead, but Elders follow.
Elders follow the flow of life and show up when they are needed.
They witness…they speak up when called…
They follow the labor, not manage it.
Closing the Circle
Presentation of Certificates 

For practicing doulas, we are offering a Certificate in Advanced Studies
in Holistic Childbirth, Advanced Doula.
Or you may receive a Certificate of Attendance and hours studied.


For information, logistics and registration:
Contact Erin at
For information about the curriculum:
Contact Whapio at