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Our Current Classes:

In Seattle, WA

March 16th -17th
Saturday & Sunday

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in Rochester, NY

April 7th – 9th
Friday – Saturday – Sunday

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 Many women are asking for more.
They are asking doulas and caregivers to become articulate on these topics.
They are seeking caregivers who can offer an a more conscious perspective
with genuine intimacy and deeper understanding of physiologic birth.
After this weekend, your experience of childbirth will change…
your knowledge base will be expanded and you will come away with so much love
and passion for birth that your practice will reach a new level.


 From Whapio…

Transformational Birth

I was taught, by birthing women, that most of us are capable of birthing our
children without interference and that the experience of childbirth allows us to
access altered and empowered states of consciousness that expand our perspective
and guide us through transformation.
Women showed me that birth is many things to many people…
for some, birth brings the emotional realm into focus, for others it’s a major
physical event. It’s political to some, it’s sacred for others, it’s social and cultural,
even medical…but above all, and inclusive of all, birth is transformative.
Women desire to be witnessed, not managed or controlled but truly witnessed, in
one of the most outstanding, transformative moments of their lives.
From these teachings that women and families shared with me comes the
Matrix of the Quantum Paradigm and the imperative to share them with you.