The Matrona has been leading the way in bringing a conscious approach to birth and to the entire continuum of life.

Quantum Wisdom…

Understanding, insight and knowing based on the Quantum principles of physics that are now confirming the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions.

 We’ve taken this concept of Quantum Wisdom and applied it to the childbirth continuum and the art of midwifery and caregiving.We’ve called our philosophy and approach Quantum Midwifery.


We believe we have taken a great leap forward in our teaching by applying mystical intelligence to anatomy and physiology. We have sought out other forward-thinking teachers… Michel Odent, Constance Beynon, Stephen Buhner, Caroline Myss, Arnold Mindel…and explored their work and coupled their understanding of physiology and intuition with our approach. We believe a multi-sensual, multi-dimensional path, undergirded by this blend of knowledge and instinct, best suits seekers on the path of transformation… women, families and their caregivers…
doulas, midwives, healers or counselors.


Our Holistic Midwifery and Doula Programs have always resonated with these concepts of mystical intelligence. Our new Professional Childbirth Consultant Program contains the same wisdom and approach. And now, we are offering programs for all caregivers and seekers in the realms of transformation in our Quantum Wisdom Programs.