An on-site weekend program for any and all healers, caregivers and practitioners who Hold Transformation in community. We discuss the art and practice of witnessing transformation based on the mystically intelligent Quantum principles that guide our collective evolution

We are offering Quantum Wisdom Weekend Programs that teach some of the basic principles of Holding Transformation.


We’ll be discussing Altered States of Consciousness and the expanded perspective that these states offer. We’ll excavate wounds and explore the wise use of our power as teachers, healers and caregivers. Using Sexuality and Birth as a metaphor for transformation, this weekend is not only for birth attendants but for anyone who facilitates transformation in our culture.


“Whapio…Thank you for assembling such an amazing array of information and presenting it in such an engaging manner. I knew I was in the right place when the information was not just new to me as a well educated layman, but also to practicing birth attendants of many years. It allowed a much deeper and more accurate articulation of what occurs in birth than what I had previously encountered. Thank you also for having the wisdom, insight and courage to let the women whose births you attended be your teachers.”


~ Michael St. John


Holding Space for Transformation

Curriculum and Schedule


A Tour of Consciousness:
Courting Altered States…Why and How
Glands and Hormones that organically
facilitate expanded states of Consciousness
Brain Waves Patterns of expanded Consciousness
Guidelines for Navigation


Not Your Mother’s Sex Ed:
Conception and Fertilization
Women as the Ancestral Sex
The Biology of Our Genetic Potential
After Conception…
Some mind-blowing facts about Pregnancy and Birth


The Art of Holding and Facilitating Transformation:
The Greatest Social Movement the World has ever Known
Using Power Wisely: Truth, Trust and Transparency
The Art of Witnessing
Peacekeeping and Eldership
Birth as a Model for Instinctive and Intuitive Responses
Labor as the Ultimate Journey through Consciousness


Sex as a Path to the Divine:
Creating a Body of Sexual Wisdom
Sexual Nurturing, Personal Intimacy and Authentic Knowledge
The Infinite Orgasm…for Women and Men
The Duality of Sexuality…the Yin and Yang of Sex
The Sensuality of Birth, Life and Death