My name is Therese’ Antyonette everyone knows me as Terie.

I grew up in Colorado Springs Colorado with my only sibling, my sister, Mother and Father.

We traveled a lot of different states because my Father was in the armed forces. Growing up I was always around different races, backgrounds, cultures, and religious beliefs. In my earlier years I always knew that I would do work with women and their families. Fast forward I met many interesting people who guided me along the way. Many years went by and I moved to Atlanta Georgia and I got interested in the medical field, I started working in the OR and surgery centers. I became a Certified Surgical Tech taking the program to get an Associate’s Degree, then on taking more extensive courses to became a 1st Assistant. It was then and after the birth of my last two children that I had with a Midwife who offered homebirth and the passing of my Partner that I started to have vivid dreams about women and babies. I told my Midwife about the dreams that I was experiencing and she told me that I got a calling, and was very happy for me and told me to honor my gift and embrace it. I didn’t quite understand what it was at the time but after I accepted my calling everything else fell into place. Shortly afterwards my Midwife told me about a program that was starting in Atlanta for teenage girls which was the program known as GCAPP funded by Jane Fonda. The program focused on teenage girls and their families in the city and we became community doulas. It was then that I met some extraordinary Women in the class, and got a lot of experience as a doula in the hospital setting and homebirth setting as well. I helped start a homebirth practice with my Midwife and was also one of her apprentice for two years; it was then that I discovered a more sacred way to birth when I first heard undisturbed birth by Micheal Ordent and I said OMG this is what I’ve been searching for, I then saw a flyer for a workshop by Whapio at the Matrona and one of the Granny Midwives, Granny Smith and a local elder Midwife was going to be honored there and I said I have to go and meet them.

It was then that I did the research and discovered The Matrona was where I wanted to get the training for how I wanted to practice. Graduating from The Matrona in 2004 empowered me on my journey as a Midwife and I co founded MamaToto Childbirth Alliance and Resource Center that addressed limited information and alternative options for Women and their families in my community . Mamatoto provided real and useful resources for families and babies on health, food, nutrition, workshops that introduced homeopathy and a host of other choices. In addition to that we offered sacred childbirth classes and also the Holistic Doula program. Empowering Women and families to make informed choices and decisions that reflect the sacred process of birth. Under Mamatoto parent company ICREATE Holistic Pregnancy Service was also evolved.

As a holistic health provider I specialize in homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition counseling care, pregnancy and well baby care, I also do mediation, pregnancy message, CPR/ BLS certified and a host of other skills that I use for my practice. As a sacred Midwife I do not control birth rather allow birth to evolve freely and gracefully to its natural conclusion in doing so each of us Father, mother , baby and midwife empower ourselves by allowing the birth process of life to unfold according to the individual Divine plan. The privilege to serve women and their families and the community requires commitment and dedication. My path has been a truly blessed journey. I have been honored to be with beautiful families that trusted me in their homes and lives. I am forever grateful.

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