I am the proud daughter of Whapio, and have watched The Matrona evolve from my mother’s midwifery practice in rural Georgia, to a grassroots midwifery school in 2001 with 9 students in our family living room. Now, to a global online Correspondence Course, worldwide Holistic Doula Programs and a Non-Profit organization to help facilitate the under-served.
I have grown into womanhood steeped in The Matrona Paradigm.



I am proud to have been a part of this organization for the past 15 years…since it’s inception. Many nights spent sitting by the fireplace in my mothers bedroom talking and imagining what would and could become The Matrona. I know the Matrona, as my mother envisioned it, from the inside out. If knowledge and learning begins at home, than I had a quantum leap of a head start! I went to my 1st prenatal at 9 years old with my mother and many more after that, driving for hours down those long, sweltering Georgia highways. The conversations shared were priceless, as well as seeing how the Mennonite families lived as well as the women who lived in the trailer parks…they were all having their babies at home.

I facilitate and create at The Matrona. Back then, I helped run the food pantry as part of our Non-Profit, kept student records, developed and implemented fundraisers, did bookkeeping, participated in drafting the Articles of Incorporation and Mission Statement for The Matrona Foundation, our Non-Profit, put up flyers for free programs that filled our living room every Tuesday night. I did anything that was needed.

I left my formal work with The Matrona for a few years to go out and discover myself and other realities and paths of life. Things spiral around, and now that I am back in the saddle again and ready to ride this path, my involvement has developed into using my autodidactic nature to teach myself WordPress and web-design to create and maintain our new website. I spend time researching and building our online presence, doing graphic design, facilitating all classes and teachers, performing administrative activities, traveling, recording and editing our vast video library and hopefully bringing an online store to The Matrona very soon. I am also the Artistic Creator for the Matrona, so stay on the lookout for Whapio Wisdom Cards, Calendars, Tee Shirts and who knows, maybe even an App for your smart phone!

The surprising thing about me, is that while I am a Quantum Holistic Homebirth advocate, and was born at home, as was my amazing son, I am not myself a Midwife or Doula. I do consider myself a Birthworker, in the sense that I am very passionate about women hearing the organic reality about birth. I know that giving birth and being pregnant is transformational and I want women to have the opportunity to access the knowledge and resources to advocate for themselves. I’d like to see us lose the fear, judgment, elitism and woe that our culture attaches to birth, child bearing and child raising. my not choosing not to be a Midwife or Doula is a phenomenal asset to being an integral part of the Matrona. I bring the Yang to many Midwives and Doulas Yin. I help hold the container for both of those dualities. It takes all kinds.
I watched my mother create The Matrona from earth, spirit and cosmos…it’s her life work and it is truly amazing. I am passionate in supporting this work, along with the other amazing people on our staff.

I live in Virginia with my wonderful teenage son and my amazingly hard-rocking husband. I am an Artist in it’s many and varied forms. I’m a child of the 80’s and 90’s. I Toured with many bands, was a teenage metalhead, and part of the Rainbow Family and Tribe and I still love to hear that rebel yell!…even if it a djembe drum.  I love my tattoos and piercings, and am passionate about breaking down the social stigmas and standards that surround women and beauty.

I have witnessed The Matrona grow to becoming a world-class bastion for women and families to congregate as a community of student, teachers and peers, who then travel the world and disseminate Holistic Midwifery & Quantum Birthing, Healing and Wisdom and how Rank, Power and Privilege affect us all and how to navigate it. Blending the intuitive with the practical is a way of life.

I am committed to taking The Matrona to the next level and then the dimension above that. That is my role and my passion. To keep this spiral spinning and to keep singing the siren song of the counter culture.

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