There is a vast open space from which things appear and disappear.  This is where I feel most alive. In this realm of openness, all is possible. In this deep silence, a knowing.  This is birth.



For me Midwifery is an invitation to explore profound connection and embrace the subtle intimacies of what it means to be alive. It inspires me on so many levels; politically, culturally, scientifically, creatively.  It is my greatest joy to witness not only the birthing of babies and families, but also the birth of self claiming self; people in their full power finding their way. I have spent the past twelve years apprenticing with birth, death, and the poetry in between.  I am a Matrona Midwifery Immersion graduate and completed Doula and Midwifery training through DONA, Hearts and Hands, The National College of Midwifery and homebirth apprenticeship.
My work is complimented by a degree in Anthropology and certificates in Prenatal Yoga, Cranial Sacral Massage and Somatic Education.
I give thanks to the many teachers who have grounded my spirit firmly on this path and feel deeply honored to continue my apprenticeship with birth as part of The Matrona.

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