In 2012 Kendra immersed herself into the Matrona’s last midwifery intensive in Asheville, which was the beginning of what has since become a dynamic relationship with birth as a subject of formal study.


Kendra’s path as a student had previously lead her to the disciplines of Yoga, Ayurveda, and massage. As the result of her long-time passion for health and wellness, Kendra earned certifications in multiple holistic healing modalities before she followed her path to birth and the Matrona. After having graduated from the midwifery intensive she apprenticed with a naturopathic midwife in California, and then decided to move to Portland at the end of 2013.
Kendra is currently apprenticing with a CNM and CPM.  She feels birth encompasses the experiences in life that she is most passionate about, such as relationship, physiology, ritual and family. For Kendra, studying and attending birth is like sitting at the gate of life and learning a new way each and every time. Following the path of midwifery allows her to use her skills, traits, and education in the greatest way possible.
Through the Matrona’s new program, which she is honored to be co-teaching with Whapio and Marinna Hansen, Kendra is excited to share her experience, practices, and wisdom, so everyone can continue to understand birth’s dynamic role in shaping our Life. Kendra looks forward to meeting the Matrona’s Professional Childbirth Consulting class of  2016.

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