Jaydee has been working in the realms of childbirth for the past 15 years, and with The Matrona directly since 2007. Jaydee is a graduate of the Midwifery Immersion program, a past participant in a Peruvian Journey, and is now returning to promote and encourage the future of The Matrona through teaching, running our Midwifery Correspondence Course and offering general assistance wherever needed!



I am a Quantum Midwife (currently not practicing), Birth Assistant, Childbirth Educator, Yoga Instructor, and also a founding editor of the SQUAT birth journal. I am dedicated to bridging different health care communities together, through facilitating women and families during the rites of passage of the childbearing time.
I began a ‘pre-med’ program directly out of high school with the intention of becoming an obstetrician. After attending my first hospital birth, I knew there was something different for me. At that moment everything came flooding back; childhood memories of my mother’s friends having babies in the front yard, natural hospital births, breastfeeding two-year-olds, all radical birth practices of the time! I immediately changed my path, and started on a midwifery journey.
Years passed as I searched for the program that would allow me to learn in a traditional style, something true to my midwifery heart and soul. At last The Matrona came. I completed a Midwifery Immersion in 2009, which included a six-week Matrona Peru adventure. During this time, I also finished a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Midwifery and Women’s Health, from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Since then I’ve been volunteering within the Matrona, as a mentor and teacher.
If a birthing woman is given the space to find her way, all that is needed for her journey into motherhood will be revealed and understood. Childbirth has the potential of taking all involved to a greater level, turning people into families, bringing a new existence into manifestation. The Matrona’s philosophies are ‘one of a kind,’ and provide a platform of education that supports an undisturbed birthing paradigm. From here, we as birth stewards can fully trust, integrate, and witness the transformations that childbirth creates. By giving birth to four children at home in various ways~ with midwives, unassisted and undisturbed, my visceral journey of motherhood instinctively lends itself to my work with others. Through The Matrona I am now promoting and supporting those on this path, and humbly give my life to this work.

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