Jay Sedmak

I have always been a dreamer~ easily swept away into imaginal realms interwoven with waking reality, birthing shapes into existence and dissolving myself into mystical landscapes.



Daydreaming has previously been associated with two opposing poles in my life.  At times this mechanism served as a source of boundless creativity and other times was perceived as a lack of focus or detachment by teachers and elders.  Only in my young adulthood did I began to decode the mechanisms that were at play throughout my childhood.

Discovering music and improvisation was significant in contextualizing these fantastical states that I often found myself returning from.  Melodic and harmonic threads wove together these otherworldly images and concepts into a coherence transcending language and grounding them into a tangible and accessible medium.  Playing music enabled me to indulge in these intangible realms in a way that satiated a deep desire within myself while being outwardly accepted and viewed as ‘normal’.  As my ability to traverse back and forth between worlds developed, I became interested in mysticism and non ordinary states of reality.  It was around this time that I was introduced to kundalini yoga and meditation.  This period during my mid and late teens allowed me to outwardly explore creating and performing music while inwardly embracing and drawing inspiration from various states of consciousness.

In my early 20s I began studying with a Peruvian shaman which would unfold over the next 10 years.  His particular model of teaching was a non traditional fusion of Amazonian tribal teachings and Jungian psychology.  Through the course of this time, I was fortunate enough to experience a variety of interdimensional perspectives and begin to map the overlapping layers of my internal landscape.  In retrospect, one of the most potent concepts that I honed over time has been that of ‘holding space’.

I later studied with Fabien Maman, considered the father of vibrational healing.  Maman’s Tama Do Academy teaches a healing modality synthesizing sound, vibration, light, color, movement and incorporating eastern and western mysticism.

In 2007 I found Somatic Experiencing to be a unique blend of many of the threads I had experienced along my path.  SE had a profound impact on my understanding of the various overtones of consonance and dissonance embodied and embedded within my physiology.  Receiving sessions from a variety of Somatic practitioners led me to experience unimaginable depths within my own being often wilder and more bizarre than what I thought possible.  In 2014 I completed a 3 year training in the work of Peter Levine through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute.

When I was introduced to Whapio and the Matrona, I instantly felt a sense of resonance and congruence with her views around altered states and birth.  It was particularly validating to hear her views on the role of the male principle within the birthing process, bringing perspective to the experiences during the birth of my daughter in 2008.  I am humbled and honored to be aligning with the Matrona and will begin facilitating classes and workshops in the spring of 2016.

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