The Matrona was started in 2001 in Asheville, NC as an educational program for birth caregivers.

In 2004 we became a non-profit, The Matrona Foundation, in response to the growing numbers of women and families without reasonable access to childbirth education, childbirth support services and mediation/conflict resolution options.



In our early years we provided free classes to the public and no-cost mediation services to families.
Our Food Pantry allowed families to receive the overflow abundance of local co-ops and restaurants.

As The Matrona continued to grow we have added Holistic Doula Trainings alongside our Holistic Midwifery Education program and we continue to offer these programs into the present. As things change we continue on, with most of our programs now online.






Our Matrona Mission is to provide physiologic and organic
education about birth, to any and all who wish to receive it
at reasonable and accessible costs.




Here’s an amazing 6 minute video of our WOC Retreat in Atlanta, GA in April 1st – 6th, 2013
Video credit to Beautiful By Design Art Inc.
Thank you!

Check out The Matrona’s videos here on YouTube…

On behalf of the Baltimore Birth Tribe, we can’t thank you enough for the Quantum Birthworkers Retreat. The wisdom you carry and so generously share is ancient yet futuristic. We left feeling elevated not as birthworkers but as women.
You are a gift and we are forever grateful.

~ Nilajah Brown

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