Quantum Birth, Quantum Consciousness

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Friday evening 

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Are we ready for a new paradigm of Birth?

A paradigm in which the transformation inherent 
in birth is of primary importance for a woman/birthgiver and their partner.
One that values a woman’s/birthgiver’s satisfaction with their experience 
and emphasizes the instinctual responses to labor.
A model of care that returns birth to the family and places the woman/birthgiver and the partner 
at the center of decision-making and power.

Step into the Quantum Paradigm of Birth!



9:30 to 5:30


Birth occurs in an Altered State of Consciousness!

Did you know that the first gland that came on-line in your embryonic body 
began producing hormones at 49 days after conception.
It’s your Pineal gland…a tiny little pinecone-looking knot of endocrine tissue 
that is dedicated to the facilitation of altered states of consciousness. 


The Physiology of 2nd Stage with Constance Beynon

Constance was a British midwife who showed that potentially 89% of women are capable
of a completely spontaneous Pushing Stage of Labor.  
The paper containing her study is entitled 
Second Stage: A Plea for its Reform’ reprinted in the 1950’s.
I’ll be bringing copies…



9:30 to 5:30


Conscious Caregiving and Using Power Wisely

Do you think caregivers may direct a woman’s/birthgiver’s experience 
of birth through their own fears and vulnerabilities?
Let’s have a mature and open discussion of how wounds 
and rank play into birth in our culture.


The Holistic Stages of Birth and Fathers/Partners at Birth

Putting together the various topics we have explored so far…altered states, 
Quantum paradigms, spontaneous 2nd stage, undisturbed birth… 
can we conceive of a model of care that has it all!
Of course…And we can do it together!

We hope you join us for this thought provoking, mystically-intelligent weekend!



We graciously thank Lesley and MotherWit Doula 

for hosting us and this program.
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