Holistic Postpartum:
 Body, Mind and Psyche

In addition to our Holistic Doula Certification program
we have added a new course that
addresses tending the Holistic Postpartum.

We believe that Doulas are instrumental in exploring the transformation of birth. We also realize that doulas are being
called upon to provide a deeper level of care to facilitate and navigate the postpartum time.

Our Matrona 4-day Postpartum Program explores the physiology of the postpartum and the postpartum psyche…starting with the birth of the placenta and going through the first 6 weeks after birth.

The Postpartum Psyche

Postpartum is a time of celebration and integration.
We believe that Doulas are the primary caregivers of the Postpartum Psyche and are being called by women and families to assist them in navigating the experience of birth.
Doulas can listen and witness challenging birth outcomes, traumas and situations that did not go as planned and facilitate a healthy return to the postbirth time.

We’ll learn and share the metaskills of mentoring and learn some basic skills of mediation.

We’ll explore wounds and our vulnerability around them. We’ll learn how to excavate wounds compassionately without feeding them or spinning them.

We’ll articulate the power dynamics that often cause confusion, anger and loss of dignity and discuss how we can help women move from shame and blame to accountability and restoration.
We’ll also look at postpartum anxiety, depression and psychosis and see what we can offer for these conditions.

Postpartum Physiology

We also feel that doulas would be well served by a thorough understanding of the physiology of how the postpartum period unfolds as a mother returns to her non-pregnant state.
We want to understand how the placenta is birthed and how to tend and honor the placenta in the postpartum. We want to understand precisely the physiology of involution (the uterus returning to normal size), the stages of normal bleeding, how to care for tears or a C-section incision, what hormonal changes are occurring, what structural concerns may occur in the reproductive tract after birth and how we calculate the return to fertility. We’ll look at how various body systems return to normal and we’ll discuss late postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum infection.

Homeopathy and Healing Modalities for Childbirth

It’s relevant to have healing modalities for the concerns that we address during the postpartum.

Are there remedies for postpartum anxiety?
Cystoceles, rectoceles and urinary incontinence?
Healing tears?
Crying babies? Crying mothers?


As we go through the four days we will discuss how homeopathy can be a matrix of healing for birth.
It is the medicine of the future…it’s natural, affordable and accessible. It works brilliantly…and it can be made easier to use!
Homeopathy is practical and usable and an incredible addition to your doula bag.

If you want to learn more of the basics of homeopathy we are offering a full day on Monday to explore more homeopathy.
We’ll look at Women’s Archetypes and specific remedies for specific concerns and much more.

Cost of the program $650


 To register:

We ask that non-refundable deposits of $50 are made to our PayPal with detailed notes of your name, email and class you would like to attend. Please make deposits through Good and Services at matronafoundation@gmail.com or click the button above.
For questions please email Siobhan at matronafoundation@gmail.com

We hope you join us!

Curriculum and Schedule

Thursday Morning:

The Great Gift of the Postpartum

A time to integrate one of life’s most important transformations.
How does that look for the healthy, fulfilled mother and baby
and what happens when mothers are not fulfilled.


Immediate Postpartum and the Birth of the Placenta
Basic Physiologic Adaptations of The Reproductive System:

Involution of the Uterus

Postpartum Bleeding and the Stages of Lochia
Laceration, Tears and Perineal Care

Friday Morning:

The Metaskills of Mentoring

What is the scope of the Doula as Mentor and what qualities do they possess.
We’ll discuss the Study of Wounds, exploring vulnerability and learning to excavate wounds, not feed them, spin them or use them inappropriately.
We’ll discuss how we move from shame and blame to accountability and restoration.
We’ll also discuss varying approaches to addressing conflict and the pros and pitfalls of each style.
And, we will learn some basics of mediation and conflict resolution.


Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal
and Urinary Adaptations to the Postpartum

The Return to Fertility
The A&P of Breastfeeding
and the Amazing Properties of Milk


Using Power and Influence Wisely

Articulating and explaining the Power Dynamics that often cause confusion, anger and a loss of dignity.
We’ll understand
how rank is used to diminish self esteem and self direction and how we can move through these situations in the moment and assist healing in the aftermath.
Re-working Situations through Witnessing, Collaboration and Shifting the Focus.


Health Concerns of the Postpartum:

Bleeding and Late Postpartum Hemorrhage
Postpartum Infection
Thromboemboletic Disease
Structural concerns of the Reproductive Tract

Sunday Morning

Homeopathy for the Childbirth Continuum:

A look at what homeopathy can do for birth and postpartum.
We’ll discuss two famous remedies that can aid in a variety of physiologic and psychological postpartum concerns.
We’ll discuss how to use remedies…dosage, repetition and potency.
We’ll take the opportunity to look at some labor and pain remedies as well as.


An afternoon of homeopathic Case Studies!
Homeopathy for the Postpartum Psyche:
Remedies for Anxiety and Depression and other Health Concerns

Constitutional Remedies for Children:
Happy Baby = Happy Mother

Many mothers are worried and concerned about their babies, more so than themselves.
We’ll learn some remedies to help
moms work through newborn issues like constipation, jaundice, crying fits, plugged tear duct, thrush etc…
Throughout the two days we will receive:
• Templates for conscious eldership and mentorship
• Specific dialogue around examples of trauma, unwanted
interventions and misuse of power
• Wonderful self-care and consciousness practices for Doulas
and Care Providers
• New language for collaboration and wellbeing
• And Homeopathy!

By the end of these four days you will have a working knowledge of how to assist women and families in discussing birth outcomes.
You will have an excellent grasp of postpartum physiology to undergird your practice.
You will also have knowledge of homeopathic remedies that can assist women and families in normalizing and healing from the general stress and trauma of birth.