Six-Day Holistic Doula Program

In addition to our 4-day Holistic Birth Doula Program, we are offering a 6-day program to be held in two 3-day weekends. The six day class will include postpartum physiology and psychology,  breastfeeding, handling miscarriage in your community and homeopathy for birth and postpartum.

If you attend all six days you will receive your Holistic Doula certification and an additional certification in postpartum and homeopathy.


To bring this program to your community
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Class Schedule


Friday AM…

Orientation – Introductions – Handouts – Books – Certification
Models of Care…Technocratic to Quantum
Undisturbed Birth – Soul-level Connections
Support…Autonomy…Self-direction in Childbirth and Caregiving

Friday PM

The Caregivers Spiral and The Role of the Doula
EBD for Doulas
The Endocrine System: Oxytocin and Beyond


Saturday AM

Birth as an Altered State
Brain Wave Patterns and the Neurological Perspective on Childbirth and Life
The Role of the Pineal Gland
Are Doulas the New Midwives?

Saturday PM

The Circle of Nurturing and the Art of Witnessing
The Birth Atlas: Understanding Cervical Dilation and Effacement
Birth Reborn: the Work of M. Odent and Vertical Birth
The Scope of Practice for a Doula


Sunday AM

The Cardinal Movements of Labor and Position and Presentation
The Holistic Stages of Labor: A New Language for Birth
The Work of Constance Beynon: Reform of 2nd Stage of Labor


Cultural Norms and Controversial Issues: Induction, Breaking Waters,C-section, Group B Strep,
Epidurals, Fetal Monitoring, Cord around the Neck…
Non-invasive Methods for Checking the Progress of Labor

Creating Win/Win Solutions




Friday AM

Receiving the Light: The Authentic Role of the Father/Partner
Postpartum Physiology and DoulaCare


Expanding the Role of the Doula:
Doula as Pregnancy Consultant, Mediator, Childbirth Educator, Birth Assistant
Working with Miscarriage in your community
The Postpartum Psyche – Part I –


Saturday AM

The Normal Newborn:
Navigating Newborn Testing and Hospital Policy
Immediate Breastfeeding
The Newborn at Home
Recognizing Jaundice and how to Proceed


Breastfeeding: Practice and Politics
Placentation, Placenta Readings, Encapsulations, Placenta Medicine
The Postpartum Psyche – Part II – Anxiety, Depression


Sunday AM

Herbs and Homeopathy for Childbirth Concerns:
We will address: Swelling, Nausea, Hypertension, UTIs, PROM
Labor and Birth…
We will address: Induction and Augmentation of Labor, Rigid Cervix,
Pain and Prolonged Labor, States of Anxiety, Exhaustion


Homeopathy for Postpartum and the Newborn…
We will address: Bleeding, Fever, Insufficient Milk Supply, Cracked Nipples,
Jaundice in the Newborn, Colic, Children’s Constitutions

Closing the Circle…Presentation of Certificates


Cost…$600, payable in two payments…