This is our Midwifery Curriculum that is used in our Birthkeepers Cohort.
Upon entering the Cohort you will receive our complete Quantum Midwifery Curriculum.


How is the curriculum set up?

The course is completely on-line and is comprised of 10 Modules.
Each Module is dedicated to a specific aspect of Birth.
Module 1 – A&P and Beginning Studies
Module 2 – Holistic Pregnancy and Prenatal Care
Module 3 – Holistic Pregnancy and Prenatal Care
Module 4 – Variations of Normal and Complications
Module 5 – The Fetus/Assessing Wellbeing
Module 6 – Holistic Birth
Module 7 – Holistic Birth
Module 8 – Variations and Complications of Birth
Module 9 – Immediate Postpartum and Breastfeeding
Module 10 – Holistic Postpartum and the Newborn


Each Module is a window into birth and midwifery…and has four different topics.

• Academics
• The Practice of Holistic Midwifery

• Homeopathy and Healing Modalities
• Wisdomkeeping

Each of the four topics has numerous Lessons.

Includes between 8 – 18 Comprehensive Lessons per Module –

topics such as the Heart, the Physiology of Birth, Variations of Normal,
Cardinal Movements of Labor, Recognizing and Handling Hemorrhage…

The Practice of Holistic Midwifery
Includes 2 – 6 Lessons per Module –

topics like Risk Screening, Quantum Midwifery, Standards of Holistic Care,
Equipment and Skills, The Initial Interview…

Homeopathy and Complimentary Modalities
Includes 3 – 6 Lessons per
Module –
and our goal is that you Graduate with the ability to practice

Homeopathy for Emergencies and for the entire Childbirth Continuum.

Includes 2 – 6 Lessons per Module – topics such as

Brainwave Patterns, Altered States of Consciousness, Self-Care Practices,
Using Power Wisely, Holding Transformation in Your Community, Intuitive Journaling…

At the bottom of this document you will find
the curriculum for the first three Modules.

What are the Costs of This Program:

At this time we are offering this Birthkeepers Mentorship Program at an
introductory cost of $3,200.
This includes all the Modules and lifetime access to all the information including:
200 videos on nearly all topics of importance to a midwife.

 We believe that The Matrona Quantum Midwifery Curriculum is accessible and
affordable considering the quality of the education, the amount of unique content and the cost of other comparable programs.

We do not offer financial aid/scholarships. You can look at options for credit here.






The course is created as a Web, the Feminine structure, and everything fits together
as a living tapestry of midwifery and birth knowledge.
Each topic connects to the other so that when we talk about the Heart, we talk
about the A&P of the Cardiovascular System but we also discuss the wisdom and
intelligence the heart. Blood pressure is really about the pressure waves generated
by the heart that create a continuous dialogue with every cell in the body.
With that underlying wisdom, we check blood pressure to hear that dialogue…and
now the practice of midwifery integrates physiology with wisdom.
The heart is so much more than a pump and ultimately a pregnant woman becomes
more than a client to us and our heartfelt dialogue with her is connected and deep.



A Word From Whapio

I began teaching about birth and midwifery in 1995, after a three year
apprenticeship in the early 80s and 10 years of practice as an Independent Midwife.
In 2001, nearly 20 years into the practice of midwifery, I created an entry-level
midwifery course, The Matrona Midwifery Program, that contained all the things I
felt were necessary and important to know as a midwife. This is the program I
wished were available when I was first studying midwifery.
It offers a merging of academic and intuitive studies, it promotes instinctual birth
and fosters returning birth to the family and it values the consciousness of birth as a matrix for practice.
This program is for anyone who wants to study and practice with that approach.
In my 40 years as a midwife I have always been an Independent Midwife.
My allegiance has always been first to the families I have served and, while I honor
and respect all paths to midwifery, I have never felt the call to be licensed or to
become a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) or CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife).
What I bring to birth is years of self-study and reading textbooks…the skills I
learned from my teachers including my 3-year apprenticeship, conferences,
classes, a month in a busy birthing center in Texas…and the experience of attending close to 500 families.
What I bring to birth is that in my 20 years of active practice with nearly 500
average heathy women I saw very few complications. This fact underscores that
The Matrona approach to birth and the Quantum model of care with average
heathy women is unique and seemingly successful.
And more importantly, I bring to birth the collective wisdom of these 500 families
upon whose knowledge and wisdom I stand and who taught me how women give
birth when they are in their instinctual power and are accompanied and witnessed
by an invested midwife/caregiver.
All of this, all of what I have learned from books and teachers and all of the
wisdom of self-directed families is what I am offering in this program.



Who is this program designed for?

This program is for anyone embarking on the path

of midwifery and aspiring to attend women and families in Instinctual and Undisturbed Birth.

• We are aware that many CNM students who have a university-type education and
have not had the benefit of a holistic and more conscious approach can well
benefit from the Matrona approach. We use the CNM text book in our program
and we strive to understand clinical information and reframe it into a holistic paradigm.

• We also know that many CPM programs lack the intuitive, more conscious
approach and we offer it here.

• I mentioned that there are different paths to midwifery.
Many women believe that the choice is whether to become a CNM, a CPM or a
Licensed Midwife and do not realize that there is another route.
There is the route of the Independent Midwife.
No longer do you need to choose between becoming a midwife in the system or
not being able to lawfully practice.
Our US constitution guarantees citizens the right to lawfully offer their goods and
services to the private sector through a Private Membership Association.
Many doctors practice outside the legal system through this constitutional
provision as do midwives and other healthcare practitioners. This also includes
fellow citizens who are not health caregivers to sell their wares…unpasteurized
milk, raw honey etc…to the private sector.
The bottom line is that you may lawfully practice as an Independent Midwife,
outside of the legal system, upheld by the law, through a private relationship with clients.
A few of our graduates and students are currently practicing successfully and
lawfully as Independent Midwives. You can too!

• Many doulas and birth attendants want a midwifery education to better serve their
families. Understanding what is in the mind of the clinical/medical caregiver can
give women attending families a place to become a Childbirth Consultant and

advise families from a neutral point of view. A thorough, well balanced
midwifery education will give you the much of the physiologic information that a
midwife or a doctor may have and allow you to understand birth from their perspective.
Doulas, Childbirth Consultants and birth attendants can also create their own
Private Membership Associations and practice lawfully as they choose to expand
their role in birth and birthing options for families.

• Over the years we have had many people from other healing
professions…therapists, herbalists, educators etc…take our program to better
understand organic birth in a holistic construct and to better facilitate their practice.

• Mothers, free birthing women, aspiring birth attendants of any kind could be
served by a midwifery education that has all the clinical textbook physiology and
the undergirding of the holistic matrix. Women have taken the Matrona
Midwifery program because they wanted an organic, authentic understanding of
birth in which to birth their own babies.

Anyone who wants a physiologic understanding of birth
seen through the lens of consciousness is welcome to this program.



What is exactly in each Module?

Each Topic in each Module has:
• Reading material…some from Whapio, some from other authors

• Notes that Whapio has written

• Reading assignments from Texts and other books

• Videos lectures by Whapio on many topics…academics, homeopathy,
consciousness practices…

• Links to follow for internet information on a myriad of relevant topics

• Case studies

• Quizzes

At the bottom of this document you will find
the curriculum for the first three Modules.
I am happy to open one of the Modules for you to look at
for a few days before you commit to the Program.



Wonderful things about this course:

• This is a well thought-out and comprehensive Midwifery Equivalent Education.
It is comprehensive in academics and has a solid homeopathy component. It also
has lessons that translate academic knowledge into a holistic approach rather than
the typical clinical/medical approach and it offers lessons on the wise lifestyle of
a midwife. You shouldn’t need to take another extensive program as this program
should fit your basic entry-level educational requirements.

• This program is unique in that it offers numerous videos throughout. Many of the
Lessons have textbook reading and a video by Whapio explaining the salient
points of the topic.
Video make for more interesting learning and you will always have these videos
to watch over and over again.

• Many of the videos are from former classes so you won’t feel so lonely and the
material won’t get stale. Sometimes on-line courses create of feeling of isolation.
There’s much less chance of that as you are invited to imagine yourself in each
class. Also, much of the material is repeated but it is always with a different class
so the perspective is always slightly different and new things are brought up in
every video even if its the same basic material.

• When you purchase this course you will receive ALL the Modules at the
beginning. You will have access to everything the course offers and you may
want to hop around to different Modules or go from Module 1 to 10. You’ll
always be able to look up various topics for information or review.

• You can work at your own pace. You can take summers off or work straight
through. You can finish one Module and take a month off. It’s up to you to create
the schedule that works for you.

• Having said that, I want you to be happy with the program and know what you are getting.
I am happy to open a Module for you for a few days so you can see exactly how
the Lessons look. You can watch the videos and get a feel for the course. You can
see how our Ruzuku platform works. You can tell if you want to participate or not.


What The Matrona purports to do is celebrate and facilitate the
instinctual responses of women to their childbirth experience and
educate midwives to celebrate and facilitate these paradigm-changing
women. If that appeals to you, then we welcome you to The Matrona.


Other things to know about our On-line course.

• It’s on-line…so we are looking for self-directed people.

• There’s lots of reading…text books, Anne Frye’s Holistic Midwifery,
specifically for Pregnancy and Prenatal Care, Varney’s Midwifery for birth
and postpartum and other authors like Rixa Freeze and texts like Human
Labor and Birth as we go along.

• We have about 15 – 25 hours of video per each Module. The videos are of
Whapio, explaining the work (like the A&P of the Kidneys or Labwork
etc…) and some are classroom lectures about things like using power wisely,
nurturing, healing wounds etc… We also have some wonderful videos with
Tolewa discussing her practice as a busy midwife.

• There is a comprehensive homeopathy course that can enhance your practice 100%.

• There are numerous videos and discussions on Altered States of
Consciousness, Mystical Intelligence, Ideas vs Ideologies, the Art of What is
Occurring, Instinctual birth, Holding Transformation in Community, Healing
Wounds, a Quantum Paradigm, Using Power Wisely, Consciousness
Practices for self-care and health, Dispelling Fear, Fathers/Partners as the Archangel…

• There is NOT a lot of written homework or papers to be handed in and no
one is looking over your shoulder. We rather that you keep a continuous
Journal of the course, as both an intuitive and historical record of your
journey and path to midwifery. Questions will be posed, reflections will be
encouraged. Your Journal is your history for the next two years.
We prefer that you spend your time reading, journaling, creating 5 minute
oral presentations and watching videos (more than once if necessary as they
are companions to the reading assignments) rather than writing homework assignments.

• As a self-directed program there is no turning in of assignments, grading of
work or feedback on your academic progress.
How will I know if I am getting the material?
What if I don’t understand something?
I understand that sometimes reading a text can be hard to understand so I
have put in this course more than 200 videos explaining various topics, the
majority of which are at least hour-long. You have the option of going over
the material numerous times and each Module may repeat important
information and the salient points. There are also numerous internet
resources, especially Khan Academy, that can explain concepts and enhance
your learning on specific topics.
The Ruzuku platform we use for the course has options for students to
connect, ask questions, create a study group and share information.
We also have a Mighty Network dedicated to the Cohort.

• We focus on what is relevant so there are no classes on algebra but there is
one on the Sacred Geometry of the Pelvis.

• Graduation requirements are simple: you have completed the Modules and
you will have created a complete Childbirth Education Program, ready to be
presented in your community. We feel that if you know what pregnant
women and families want and can teach it to them then you have distilled
the essence of this course.
Then, you will graduate ready to offer services to your community.


Our Disclaimer:

At the Matrona our programs do not certify students to practice midwifery. Our programs offer an educational structure to understand birth and midwifery in its organic and authentic unfolding. Our year long Birthkeeper’s Mentorship Cohort certifies students as a Professional Childbirth Consultant (PCC) and a Family Advocate (FA). We support the concept of independent midwifery and women caring for women. We suggest that any student wishing to pursue midwifery seek an apprenticeship after finishing our program.

At The Matrona we are facilitating a shift in the education of midwives by offering a model that does not require an institutionalized perception of midwifery training, and a model that offers a deepening of the life skills inherent in midwifery care. Communication skills, eldership training, discussions on rank-power-privilege, and intuition exploration~~all of these topics are vital parts of our curriculum and go hand-in-hand with anatomy and physiology and practical skills.


A Midwife’s Practice

At The Matrona, we envision Midwifery as part of the original model of womancare.
This model has evolved and changed continuously over the centuries and is currently
a vast and ever expanding tapestry of birthing consciousness.
Mothers and midwives are the principle weavers.
Working in concert, we preserve a model of bringing forth life with dignity and grace.
Together we facilitate the creation of family and community on this planet.

As midwives, we do not strive to control birth – or each other.
Rather, we allow birth to evolve freely and gracefully to its natural conclusion.
In doing so, each of us – mother, father, baby and midwife – unfolds as a more whole
and perfect human being. Midwifery calls each of us to our highest and best.
In our quest to cultivate ourselves and serve others with love and respect,
we facilitate important rites of passage. As midwives we guard the doors
of birth and death, healing and growth. We empower each other and ourselves
by allowing the process of life to unfold according to and individual divine plan.
At The Matrona we come together to develop our innate spiritual selves.
We experience the rites of passage attendant on becoming a Midwife,
we seek realms of higher learning and we learn to be comfortable and conversant
with the body-mind-spirit continuum.

The privilege to attend women and families in birth requires commitment and dedication
to a lifestyle that embraces a desire to pursue the sacred.
A Midwife’s practice reflects her experience of what is holy, what is honorable,
what is generous, compassionate, noble and loving.
From her ability to heal herself comes the power to facilitate healing in others.
From self-respect flows respect for others.
From connection with the Ancient Heart of Midwifery, the old and sacred traditions,
comes the ability to remember the ways that have served families for centuries.
From authentic spiritual practice and incorporation of the sacred as part of daily life
comes her ability to practice midwifery with an appropriate balance of intuition and skills.
From this perspective all else flows.



More on our Philosophy:

Birth is not about midwifery.

But it seems that midwifery is very much about birth.
Birth is about LIFE therefore LIFE is what the midwife studies.

At The Matrona you will learn the practical
and didactic skills of midwifery but you will learn much more than academics.

You will learn the life skills that weave through the life
of a midwife and the life of the pregnant family…
You’ll learn to use your power wisely and
to communicate on a deep soul level.
You’ll learn to heal your wounds gracefully
and facilitate that healing in others.
You will learn the skills of holding transformation
for your families and your community.
You will learn homeopathy…the medicine the future.
You will learn mediation and conflict resolution skills…
an incredible resource for reducing complications.
You’ll learn self-care consciousness practices
that elevate spirit and soul.

We invite you to visit our Philosophy section on our Matrona website
and see the myriad of Wisdomkeeping skills we feel are vital
to the midwife of the new millennium.

You’ll receive a diploma in Holistic Midwifery from The Matrona.

You’ll have the knowledge, skills and wisdom
that no one can ever take away from you.

You will be confident, competent, compassionate and caring.
If you desire to be a midwife, The Matrona Midwifery Program
can be an important and integral component of your journey.


What are the Costs?:

At this time we are offering this Holistic Midwifery Program at an
introductory cost of $3,200.
This includes all the Modules and lifetime access to all the information including
200 videos on nearly all topics of importance to a midwife.
This is my lifework as an experienced Elder Midwife.
I believe that The Matrona Holistic Midwifery program is accessible and
affordable considering the quality of the education that is offered and I am honored
to offer this work to the larger community.
At The Matrona we do not offer a payment plan.
We are, by choice, a small business and payment plans are not feasible for us.
We prefer that you make your payments through another source.
I have always preferred on site classes and I continue to offer them throughout
North America. You can attend for a generous discount if you are currently
enrolled in our Diploma program.

*And please be aware that mentoring is not included with the program. There is an
additional fee for mentorship to be decided on between you and your mentor.*

To register:

If you would like to register for this program, fill out the application on our website
(under Contacts) and email it to Whapio at
You can also schedule a phone chat at anytime to see if this program is the right fit for you.
After we receive your application Whapio will be in touch to welcome you to the
program or schedule a phone interview if you haven’t yet spoken.

Click here for the application


What you will receive at the completion of the program:

At the completion of the program you will receive three certificates:
• A Diploma in Holistic Midwifery from The Matrona

• Certification as a Professional Childbirth Consultant.
This certificate allows you to enter the field of birth as a consultant immediately
upon finishing the course. You will have a thorough entry level diploma in
Holistic Midwifery upon which to base your consulting and you will have a
Childbirth Ed course ready to offer to pregnant families.

• Certification as a Holistic Doula.You can also offer services as a Holistic Doula
as you go through your apprenticeship and you will be equipped to teach classes
on a myriad of topics relating to birth.

What our program does not offer:

• We do not offer any hands-on birthing experience as part of the Diploma
program. We learn basic midwifery skills throughout the course (taking BP,
palpation, prenatal testing, neo-natal resuscitation etc…) and we suggest an

apprenticeship to refine those skills and receive birthing experience.

• We are not MEAC accredited. We claim autonomy with our curriculum and want
to offer aspiring midwives an alternative to a university-style education.

• As stated above, we do not offer direct feedback on lessons and the actual work of the course.
We support your ability to find answers and recommend Khan Academy and
other internet sources as an excellent starting point for more explanation of academic material.
You can connect with other students and share classwork and questions with each
other through our Connection and Communication Module.
If you choose to add mentoring be aware that it is geared toward processing your
movement through midwifery and birth and is focused on your experiences with
all the material rather than on answers to specific academic questions.

Our Platform:

We have chosen Ruzuku as the platform to host our program. This platform allow
students to post and interact and you will be able to ask questions, compare notes,
share information and connect with fellow students as you progress through the course.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I don’t finish in two years?

You can have more time (up to three years), assuming you are serious about the
program and intend to finish. We’ll consult and find the best way for you to
continue and receive your diploma.


Are there any scholarships?

There are no open scholarships at this time.


Are there any payment plans?

We do not offer financial aid/scholarships at this time.
While you will find the price of the program ($3,200) far below what other programs are charging,
you will receive an enormous amount of information and videos included in this program.
We give you all the material and course modules and still keep our prices low and affordable.
Email Whapio at if you have questions.
We do not offer work trade options at this time, because it is not a sustainable option for our organization.
We offer a comprehensive program like none other and we are seeking serious students to enter midwifery.
If you feel ready to take this program we welcome you and we expect that you are
ready to purchase your text books and to make the financial investment to start the program.
We do have options for financial help from paypal and other sites here…
Payment plans and options


Can I get a CPM or license through this program?

As of right now, you may use this program for the PEP process of becoming a
CPM, however the PEP process may be changing in 2020.
You may also find an apprenticeship at birthing centers that are CPM preparatory
and get your CPM through that program. Maternidad la Luz, in El Paso, TX, is one of those programs.
Most licensing boards will not recognize this style of education so, if licensing is a
preference, you may wish to apprentice with a place like Maternidad and receive
your CPM prep there.


The Birthkeepers Cohort and Independent Practice

We believe that women and families desire the care and services of Independent
Midwives who focus on instinctual and undisturbed birth.
Our diploma program offers the requisite knowledge to support entry-level
midwifery caregiving. We strongly suggest that after completion of the program
each graduate receive hands-on experience in birthing skills and the practice of
midwifery. We recommend an apprenticeship at either a birthing center or in a
private midwifery practice.
We do offer information and classes about a PMA (Private Membership
Association) which allows Independent Midwives to lawfully practice, without a
license, directly to the private sector of the population.

Upon completion of an apprenticeship, you may decide to become a CPM or open
a PMA (Private Membership Association) as an Independent Midwife which will
allow you to practice directly to the private sector.


How will I get an apprenticeship or hands-on learning?

We cannot find an apprenticeship for you but as part of connecting with other
students you will look at various paths to apprenticeship and practice.
Some of our practicing graduates have attended Maternidad La Luz and have
received their CPM, and subsequent state licensing, as a result of apprenticing
there and taking the necessary exams after their apprenticeship.
There are also other options for apprenticeship and you have the ability to become
an Independent Midwife, a CPM or a Licensed Midwife or all three.
And, you may create your PMA at any time regardless of certifications or diplomas
although most midwives prefer to have some credentialing from a school or
program along with an apprenticeship.
We have never had a student not be able to find an apprenticeship.


What if I don’t want to stay in the program and I have paid my fee?

You have a week to work with the program. If you decide this is not what you are
looking for, we refund your money. After the first week, there are no further refunds.


What if I am a midwife and do not need a full-on basic entry level
course but would like to have access to the Wisdomkeeping section or
the Homeopathic Course? Can I purchase Modules or Lessons without being in the program?

Not at this time but that will be an option in the future. Look for that possibility in 2022.


If you have any other questions please let me know. We can also schedule a phone
chat to discuss the logistics and philosophy of this Program.
Looking forward to connecting!


Here is our curriculum for the first few Modules
and a break-down of how the
course unfolds.

Module 1


An asterisk * before a Lesson indicates an video accompanies the Lesson

*The Language of Anatomy: General Overview of Body Systems
Terminology and Vocabulary

A Bit of Bio-Chemistry: Alchemy in Practice
*Ode to the Pelvis: Pelvic Structure and Pelvimetry
*Pregnancy Nomenclature and Calculating the EDB
*The Sacred Geometry of the Pelvis and the Female Reproductive System
*The Endocrine System

Hormones as Messengers
Q&A – Questions and Answers Study Guide

The Practice of Holistic Midwifery:

*Evolving Models of Care
Caregiving, Caregivers and Midwives
*The Caregivers Spiral
*The Quantum Paradigm…and Beyond

Homeopathy and Complimentary Healing Modalities:

Homeopathy and Healing Modalities
*The Roots of Western Medicine
*Principles and Practice in Homeopathy


*The Relevance of Consciousness Practices
*Quantum Connectedness
Intuition and Soul-Level Connection
*Tapping the Glands



Module 2


*The Amazing Kidney and Urinary System
Cycles and Hormones of the Reproductive System
*23 in the Back Pocket: Conception and Fertilization
*Labwork and Testing

The Physiology of First Trimester
*The Intelligence of the Heart
*The A&P of the Heart, Vessels and Blood
The CBC: the Complete Blood Count
*Placenta: the Baby’s Advocate
Q&A – Study Guide

The Practice of Holistic Midwifery:

*The Circle of Nurturing
*First Contact and the Initial Interview
*Records and Charting
Articles and Books of Note

Homeopathy and Healing:

Sandra Perko’s Advice to the Modern Pregnant Woman
*Two Archetypal Women’s Remedies: Pulsatilla and Sepia
*Principles and Practice: Part II


*The Pineal Gland
*Brain Waves and Altered states of Consciousness

*Parthenogenesis and Receiving the Light
*Yoga Poses of the Day


Module 3


*Blood Types and Rh Factor
*Communicating About the Baby in Utero
*The Physiology of Second Trimester
The Liver and the Digestive System
*The Birth Atlas
*The Physiology of Third Trimester
How Pregnancy Impacts Maternal A&P and Nutrition in Pregnancy
*Physiologic Adaptation to Pregnancy
*Physiologic Adaptation – Part II and the Carbohydrate Metabolism Shift
Q&A – Study Guide/Case Studies

The Practice of Holistic Midwifery:

*Why I am a Midwife
*Regular Prenatal Care: Presence in Practice

*The Power of the Question
*The Art of Palpation
*Birth Politics: Risk Screening and the Nocebo Effect

Homeopathy and Healing:

*Using a Materia Medica and a Repertory
Casetaking with Miranda Castro and Whapio
Revisiting the Wise Woman Tradition
*Caulophyllum and Cimicifuga: Two Birthing Remedies
*Homeopathy for Emergencies – Part I

*Homeopathy for Morning Sickness and other Concerns


*Understanding Everything on the Planet
*Woundology: the Study of our Wounds – Part I
*Woundology – Part II

*The Birth Wound


How the Course Unfolds:

Throughout the first three Modules we focus on A&P and normal Pregnancy.
We use Anne Frye’s amazing tomes…‘Holistic Midwifery’ and ‘Understanding
Diagnostic Tests’ and most of our reading is pulled from these books.
We set the stage for Undisturbed Pregnancy and Instinctual Birth throughout The
Practice of Midwifery lessons.
We delve into serious homeopathy and some casetaking.
We use numerous videos from former class lectures to accompany the academic
reading and the videos in Wisdomkeeping and the Practice of Midwifery are meant
to offer thought-provoking topics for journaling.
In Module 4 we look at variations of normal in pregnancy and we discuss
complications such as PIH, Diabetes, Miscarriage, Infections etc.
In Module 5 we focus on fetal wellbeing and fetal assessment. We learn to
auscultate FHTs and endeavor to understand the wealth of fetal testing.
We finish up pregnancy and prenatal care.
In Module 6 we begin our study of birth and the process of normal labor. We
switch from Frye to Varney’s ‘Midwifery’ and ‘Human Labor and Birth’ and we
read these texts for information, not approach.
In our Practice of Midwifery Lessons we discuss the holistic approach and how to
reframe the information from the texts.
Throughout all the Modules we weave homeopathy and other complimentary
healing modalities into the academic Lessons.
We begin our work with Mediation and Conflict Resolution and we work with
Intuitive Studies throughout the rest of the Modules.
In Module 7 we continue to look at variations of normal in the birthing realm and
in Module 8 we discuss complications of birth and reasons to transport.

In Module 9 we finish birth and begin the immediate postpartum and breastfeeding
and in Module 10 we study Postpartum Physiology, Postpartum Psychology, the
Normal Newborn, Complications of the newborn and Concerns of Breastfeeding.


Book List for Texts

(used texts are okay for any book, however, it is very important to have the edition we are using or your page numbers for assignments will be incorrect)

‘Holistic Midwifery Vol. 1’ and
‘Understanding Diagnostic Tests’ (Seventh Edition) by Anne Frye
‘Varney’s Midwifery’ by Helen Varney (Fourth Edition)
‘Wise Woman Herbal’ by Susun Weed
Born Free: Unassisted Childbirth in North America Dissertation by Rixa Freeze (
‘Human Labor and Birth’ by Harry Oxorn (Fifth Edition)
‘Homeopathy for the Modern Pregnant Woman’
by Sandra Perko
‘Homeopathy for Mother and Baby’ by Miranda Castro
‘Homeopathic Psychology’ by Philip Bailey
‘Bush Midwifery: Childbearing Care in the Absence of Hospitals’ by Ashwagandha

‘Holistic Midwifery Vol. 2’ by Anne Frye
‘Special Delivery by Rahima Baldwin
‘A New View of a Women’s Body’ by the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Center
‘Women’s Anatomy of Arousal’ by Sheri Winston
‘Anatomy and Physiology’ by Elaine Marieb

Books by Michel Odent: ‘Birth Reborn’, ‘The Farmer and the Obstetrician’, ‘The Scientification of Love’
Work by Henci Goer, Sheila Kitzinger, Barbara Harper, Pam England are recommended.

It’s important that we understand the cultural mores of birthing in this 21st Century. On our Holistic Doula page you will find a comprehensive Reading List which contains  many of the popular books that describe how birth unfolds in today’s culture. These are the books parents read. We recommend that you read them as well. You can find the Book List at the bottom of the page Here

Books may be borrowed during the time of this course, it is not required that you own them.

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