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A word from Whapio

As the Seasons change and we change with them
it’s clear that a new future is on the horizon.
In 2021 I will celebrate my 40th year in the realms of birth and I have seen many changes but none so pressing and timely as the one I am seeing in birth right now.



It’s QUANTUM BIRTH as the new Future and the rise and reality of the BIRTHKEEPER as Caregiver.


It’s a return to a model of care where the Caregiver has a 100% investment in the family with no allegiance to any system, to any licensing or to any colleagues.


It’s the return of Consciousness to Birth and the presence of deeply connected women who can accompany, hold space and not interfere in the instinctual responses of the family.


Here’s what a myriad of women have brought to my door…

We are tired of being managed and infantilized.
We resent our instinctual responses being overlooked or ignored.
We want affirmation, we get anxiety.
We want support, we get risk screening.
We want investment in us as the first priority!

We have many wonderful and connected doctors and midwives who are caring and conscientious but it doesn’t change the fact that women are being managed, non prioritized and ignored.

Too many women are dissatisfied with their births and want something different in their caregiver.
There is no blame here. No individuals, no specific thing.

As Dr. M. Odent says…We have just lost our way.
And he goes on to say that the answer is to return to square one.

I see square one as the Quantum Paradigm, and the Birthkeeper.
I see Self-Directed, Instinctual Birth with the Return of Birth to the Family as the new future

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Quantum Birth

Nurturing — Demonstrate rather than Educate
Soul-Level Connection — Depth and Meaningful relationships
Investment — Family as the 1st priority
Self-direction — Affirmation of Instinctual responses
Trust and Transparency — No hidden agendas
Equitable Behavior — Each person treated uniquely
Common Sense — Wise use of technology 
Consciousness — Birth happens in Altered States of Consciousness


The Birthkeeper

Deeply Connected — Understands deeper states of being
Can Accompany — NOT be the center of a Mother’s birth
Elevates Self-direction — Never makes decisions for family 
Investment —  Offers 100% priority to the Family
Mystically Intelligent — Holistic Midwifery Education
Holds the Space — Presence of Reassurance in the room
Conscious — Knows how to facilitate mom’s choices
Manages her Energy — Facilitates Oxytocin not Adrenalin

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