A seasoned nurse shares her insider secrets to help doulas and families feel safe, satisfied, and heard when choosing to birth in the hospital

Jess worked as a RN in labor and delivery for 10 years.  With every passing year, Jess witnessed hospital birth getting worse.  Over and over again she witnessed unnecessary interventions, a lack of informed consent, and providers not giving evidenced based care.  
Coming into the hospital and saying “I want a natural birth.” isn’t enough.


Many hospital providers have only witnessed a handful of natural births, and those were likely highly managed. Most the staff at the hospitals Jess has worked at don’t trust birth, and don’t know what a physiological birth is. They know and trust micromanaged women and birth. Most families are treated like an emergency could occur at any moment.
Complicated until proven healthy, and you can’t prove yourself healthy until you have signed the discharge paperwork. Let’s demand to be treated healthy until proven otherwise.

 From admission to discharge she will guide you through how to keep the charge (power) in the hands of the birthing family, where it belongs.

As a Matrona graduate she will share with you the mystical intelligence that is birth. Evidence based care, grounded in physiology, guided by families, and transformational to all who witness.

This is a program for care providers that trust birth, and women who trust their bodies. 

You will leave this course understanding…


  • That families have the legal right to refuse or accept ANYTHING offered in the hospital. 


  • How the dad/partner is the perfect intimate advocate for mother and baby, and how to get them involved.
    Spoiler it’s easy, they just need to understand their role as guardian of the family.
  • Compliance Strategies used to force families into unwanted interventions.
  • How to enter the hospital and set the stage for the care you want to receive.
  • Clarification on the fact that the hospital is a paid service, and as a customer families get to dictate what they want and need.
  • Key words to use when/if power struggles arise.
  • What to do if CPS is threatened.
  • What is the golden hour after birth and how to we create peace so that the family can actually enjoy it.
  • How to assemble your perfect team, including the nurses and doctors.
  •  When to arrive at the hospital, and when to leave.
  •  How to use HCAHP scores, a government tracking and funding program to our benefit.
  • A full understanding of decisions to be made at every stage of labor, birth, and postpartum.
  •  We will also dispel common myths and untruths that are used by hospital staff to create an environment of compliance.

It is my goal that through awareness, advocacy, and the sharing of stories we can reduce traumatic outcomes in the hospital setting


Imagine the evolution of mothers if we didn’t have to heal from our traumatic births. When women have powerful, trauma-free births they become powerful, autonomous mothers.


For many it is easier to have a satisfying birth in their own home.
At home you don’t have 15 strangers coming into your room and touching your baby.
At home you don’t have deadly hospital caused infections.
At home it is easier to get what you want, need, and deserve.

That said, I understand for some it feels safer to be at the hospital, for some a hospital birth is needed for health issues, for others a hospital transfer can occur.
This is my gift to the birthing world, we’ve been using the hospital intervention incorrectly and I hope to change that.
“If you are brave you can get anything you want.” Our world needs brave parents.


Let me give you the tools to be brave at your birth. 


Cost of the program:
$444 USD

For more information or to register contact Jess at matronajess@gmail.com