Payment Plans and Payment Options

Here at The Matrona we want to make our programs as accessible and affordable for students as we possibly can. Below you will find a few different options for finding financing for paying for programs that we have curated for you. At this time we are not offering financing directly from The Matrona, so you will need to explore other options we have for you.

Please be aware that we can not approve a line of credit from the services below.

It will depend on your credit score and any other information that they deem necessary for your approval.

What we can do is work with you and the company you choose, to accept the payment on our site or Paypal once you are approved.

Our number 1 recommendation is PayPal Credit.

Many of our students have used PayPal Credit to secure quick, easy and flexible financing for our Midwifery Programs and Birthkeeper Cohorts. For a line of credit this size, somewhere between $2.000 – $3,000, we find that lots of people can be approved. Compared to other courses and continuing education providers out there right now, we feel that our cost for the program is affordable for most people and can be paid back within a year.


Another wonderful aspect of PayPal Credit is that there is no interest if paid back within the first 6 months.
Also, once the credit is paid back on time, you get to keep it for use with other purchases.


You will find a link to the PayPal Credit site below.
Once you are approved, let us know and we will send you an invoice that you can pay with the line of credit.

One last thing, if you would like to make a downpayment to us and try to apply for a smaller amount from PayPal we will be happy to work with you to make that possible.

Affirm is a new option we have been looking into integrating into our new website we are building. As of right now Affirm is not an option at checkout but that doesn’t mean you cant use it to pay for tuition with us right now!
It works very much like the PayPal Credit, you will apply and have to be approved for your line of credit. Once you are you will let Affirm know you want to pay online and need a one-time-use virtual card and then you can let us know to invoice you and pay with the virtual card.




The copy below is from Affirms website:

What if I don’t see Affirm at checkout?

Thousands of stores offer Affirm as a payment option at checkout. But if you don’t see us at checkout, you can still pay over time. Just download the Affirm app (or sign in at, tell us where you’re shopping, and we’ll give you a one-time-use virtual card you can use to complete your purchase online or in stores. Then, pay us back over time.

Check out Affirm below!