Homeopathy for a Quantum Future

First, a shout out to my teachers and the authors of the many books I have read and videos they have made.
And most of all to my root teacher, the venerable Robin Murphy ND, who has done more than anyone I know to further growth and learning in the realms of homeopathy.

Homeopathy for a Quantum Future

A Homeopathic Immersion for Practice and Consulting 

When it comes to medicine and healing we could really use more understanding of Homeopathy.

And we could really use some teachers, consultants and practitioners who can bring the homeopathic perspective into our future.

It  seems that our medical system has lost its way.

High ranking decision-makers and officials probably also realize that the system has outlived its use…but don’t know what to do about it.

I have some thoughts!

Let’s gently and effectively insert other ways of caring for each other that we can turn to when the system becomes obsolete.

We don’t need to rebuild or resurrect something that has outlived its use.

When the trees lose their leaves each year we don’t claim that the tree is broken and get our ladders and glue them back on.

We appreciate their beauty, we let them go and we prepare for the next year.

This is what this Homeopathic Immersion is about…learning and sharing a way of healing and restoration that is attuned to the future we are moving into.

We can take care of each other!

The first thing I have to say about homeopathy is that I don’t resonate with the way it’s practiced today. And I don’t practice the way it’s taught in many schools and programs.

Homeopathy has been with us for many years…all the way back to the time when our system of Western medicine began.

But what we have today in homeopathy is a crystalization of a very yang/masculine/overly-scientific approach to healing that now parallels the overly-scientific approach of modern medicine.

Homeopathy is in deep need of the hand of the feminine.

This is what I am teaching…the feminine approach to the energetics of homeopathy.

What if, in the near future, we no longer dispensed medicine in bottles of pills, no longer took a history as a long list of symptoms, no longer thought of people as a broken mirror that needed to be put back together.

What if we looked at life as an ever-expanding interconnected spiral and what if we could dispense remedies with just the tips of our fingers.

This is the touch of the feminine…
and this will move us into the fullness of what homeopathy and healing can be.

Hours and time involved:


This is an approximately 200 hour on-line program condensed and crystalized into 16 weeks with one week off in the middle for Spring Break.
During the program we will have five 2-day weekend classes (Saturday and Sunday) and a weekly 2-hour class with Whapio on Wednesdays from Noon to 2 pm EST.
That’s about 112 hours of live Zoom calls with Whapio.
There will also be 12 study group sessions during the 16 weeks. Each study group is 2 hours and times will vary so add another 24 hours.
And, there will be weekly reading assignments, other videos to watch, links to follow, quizzes, case studies etc that I am suggesting will take about 64 hours of independent study in your 16 weeks.
So that’s about 200 hours.

February 26th – June 17th, 2022
We begin on Saturday, and Sunday, February 26th and 27th for our first weekend…
and we end on June 17th.

Weekend classes:
February 26th and 27th
March 26th and 27th
April 23rd and 24th
May 21st and 22nd
June 11th – 12th
Weekly Sessions are each week for two hours from Noon to 2 pm EST.
Study group sessions are once a week, except on weeks where we have a weekend class.
There is no study group on those weeks.
Zoom Recordings:
All of Whapio’s classes will be recorded and if necessary to miss a class the recording will be available.
You will have access throughout the class to all recordings so you can review topics or go back over something.
If you are not in class for a specific session you will need to make-up the session as soon as possible so that you keep up with the information and submit a summary with key points of any missed class.

Certificates and our Disclaimer:


We are offering a certificate as a Certified Homeopathic Consultant.
This is a certification from The Matrona that validates your due diligence in homeopathic studies of 200 hours.
You are recognized as a Consultant and our certificate does not grant any license or accreditation to practice medicine or midwifery. Rather, you are offering information, options and further education to people who ask your advice.
We do not study chronic conditions in this program nor do we make any medical recommendations.
Any condition requiring urgent medical care is beyond the scope of this class.

Cost of the Program:

The total cost of the program is $2800.
Payment plans will be offered.
And consider that as a Homeopathic Consultant you are doing good worldwork and your return on investment will be speedy. You will never regret an investment in learning the knowledge of something that can bring health and clarity to others.



To register please email us at matronafoundation@gmail.com
We look forward to hearing from you!

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One last thing:

This is an Immersion and can be intensive.
If you choose to join us we feel that for best success you commit to these 16 weeks as a devotional.
Study something every day.
Stay focused on the material and the depth of knowledge it will bring you.
Realize that you are learning homeopathy to contribute to Worldwork and that all of us will benefit somehow from what you learn.