Holistic Postpartum Consultant Program

Doulas are being called upon
to provide more.

It’s a known fact that many women fall through the cracks in the time after birth. There are myriads of people available for the pregnant and birthing woman but that’s not the case in postpartum. We’re hoping to change that and bring doulas into the childbirth continuum earlier and keep them there longer.

We believe that Doulas are becoming the primary caregivers of the Postpartum and are instrumental in exploring the transformation of birth.

In addition to our Holistic Doula Certification program

we have added a new program that addresses tending the Postpartum Woman and family. This three-part course is designed to give you deep and authentic information about birth and the postpartum time and to give you the confidence and competence to be accessible to postpartum families in the weaving of their births.

We require attendance at three 4-day programs:

  • *Holistic Doula Program with Whapio – Level I

  • *Tending the Postpartum Psyche with Whapio – Level II

  • *INNATE Traditions Postpartum Training with Rachelle Garcia Seliga – Level III

Holistic Doula


  • We require a Matrona Holistic Doula class so that each participant is well versed in the consciousness of birth and can align to the Matrona approach of Returning Birth to the Family. Our information about the Instinctive Partner is groundbreaking and the understanding and articulation of birth as an altered state of consciousness will inform your entire approach to birth and postpartum.

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Tending the Postpartum Psyche is the next step in unfolding the emotional and psychological aspects of birth with women. Some women will have excellent outcomes but many will have challenging experiences and would benefit from witnessing by a skillful listener and consultant. This program offers two days of Metaskills for Mentoring and two days of Homeopathy for Birth with a special emphasis on the emotional states of the postpartum woman.

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We have two programs scheduled:
Santa Cruz, CA – March 2 -5
Delray Beach, FL – June 22 – 25




  • INNATE Postpartum Care with Rachelle is an organic and thorough immersion into all aspects of the postpartum cycle. This workshop addresses the theory and application of holistic postpartum care and provides one of the most effective ways of ensuring optimal health for the future generations.

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Certificaation also requires reading the following books:

  • ‘Natural Hospital Birth’ by Cynthia Gabriel

  • ‘Birth Reborn’ by Michel Odent, MD

  • ‘The Scientification of Love’ by Michel Odent, MD

  • ‘Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering” by Sarah Buckley, MD

  • ‘The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth’ by Henci Goer

  • ‘Innate Postpartum Care’ by Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

  • ‘After the Baby’s Birth’ by Robin Lim

  • ‘Natural Health After Birth’ by Aviva Romm, MD

  • ‘Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth’ by Richard Moskowitz, MD

And the following videos by Whapio are required:

  • A Tour of Consciousness

  • Quantum Birth

  • Receiving the Light

  • Plus three more…TBA

You will also be required to participate in Journaling and some written assignments regarding books and videos.

Each participant will be assigned a mentor and and one hour mentoring session will be required before claiming your certificate.

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