Homeopathy for the
Childbirth Continuum


at Mamatoto Village in N.E. Washington, DC.
Saturday & Sunday
February 4 – 5

Cost is $150 for both days…16 hours

To register contact
Muneera at peacefulearthgracefulbirth@gmail.com

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A homeopathic program for Doulas and Birth Caregivers

Pregnancy usually proceeds without complication…
however challenges may come and go.
This is a program for anyone who offers care to pregnant moms and wishes to delve into some of the deeper areas of concern regarding childbirth.
Some of the topics we discuss are conditions you may never see but there is a relevance for information and knowing how to advise others if these conditions should arise.

There ARE remedies that work and they may alleviate challenging situations for women in pregnancy.


Principles and Practice in Homeopathy

A brief bit of the basics…and some new information…
The vital force and the soul-level connection
Potency Selection to ‘Do No Harm’
The Seven Levels of Prescribing
Case Taking and the Time Spiral

Homeopathy for Clinical Practice:
Pregnancy and Birth

From time to time, caregivers may see some of the
following concerns in their practice. Homeopathy can have
astounding results when remedies are used appropriately.

Homeopathy for Pre-eclampsia, Hypertension/PIH, Diabetes,
Infection, UTIs, Premature Labor, Anxiety, Extreme Pain
We’ll discuss each condition and learn the remedies that have worked for each concern.



Women’s Archetypes in Pregnancy

Let’s look at some typical constitutional/archetypical remedies
that suit women and describe how to recognize them.
Homeopathic theater for all.

Remedies for Clinical Practice:
Labor, Postpartum and the Newborn

We’ll receive a hand-out for practice with our main remedies
for birth and postpartum including Prolonged Labor, Cervical Dystocia, Bleeding and Hemorrhage, Shock, Lacerations,
Structural Concerns of the Reproductive System, Jaundice,
Newborn Asphyxia, Respiratory Distress of the Newborn

Children’s Constitutions

Working with newborns, babies and toddlers can be made much easier by knowing four constitutional remedies that cover the majority of children. You’ll be amazed as you meet your own child in one of these constitutions!

For more information or to sign up for the DC class contact Contact Muneera –  peacefulearthgracefulbirth@gmail.com

 To bring this class to your community contact Whapio at: belovedpilgrim@yahoo.com

Mamatoto Village in N.E. Washington, DC.

 311 47TH ST. NE