Homeopathy for Families
and Baby’s First Year

For Families and those who Care for Them…
including Doulas, Nurses, Nannies and Grannies

Homeopathy Rocks!
It is the medicine of the future…it’s natural, affordable and accessible.
It works brilliantly…and it can be made easier to use!
These two days of practical and usable information can
connect homeopathy to your practice or your family.


Principles and Practice in Homeopathy

A brief bit of the basics…and some new information…
The vital force and the soul-level connection
Potency Selection to ‘Do No Harm’
The Seven Levels of Prescribing
Case Taking and the Time Spiral

Remedies for Labor, Postpartum and the Newborn

We’ll receive a hand-out for practice with our main remedies
for birth and postpartum. This includes remedies for general concerns of childbirth such as nausea, varicosities, swelling
and concerns of breastfeeding and the newborn.

Women’s Archetypal Remedies

Let’s look at some typical constitutional/archetypical remedies
that suit women and describe how to recognize them.
Homeopathic theater for all.



Children’s Constitutions

Working with newborns, babies and toddlers can be made much easier by knowing four constitutional remedies that cover the majority of children. You’ll be amazed as you meet your own child in one of these constitutions!

Emergencies and First Aid for Families

One of the reasons that Homeopathy rocks is because it works well when lives are in danger, when people are in trouble, when emergencies occur…

There is a statue of Sam Hahnemann (the re-discoverer of modern homeopathy) in Paris because he saved the city from cholera back in Napoleonic times. Any modality that helps trauma is invaluable. I hope you never see some of the topics we discuss but it is relevant to be  prepared and educated if a challenge does occur.

We’ll look at the top 7 Emergency Remedies

We’ll learn remedies for specific conditions…
Asphyxia and drowning, Wounds including stabbings and gunshots, Bites, stings and allergic reactions
Back, neck and spine injuries, Broken bones
Sepsis and serious staph and strep infection
Poisoning and toxic chemicals, Panic attacks, Drug OD

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