We have always offered a healing component in our Midwifery programs and have chosen Homeopathy as an effective discipline for today’s midwife and healer. We find homeopathy to be simple, natural, affordable and accessible, therefore a wise choice as a healing tool.
We are now offering stand-alone Homeopathy classes and programs to practitioners, families and interested persons.

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Homeopathy for Families
and Baby’s First Year

A weekend program for anyone who wishes to include homeopathy as part of their healing modalities. We start with childbirth and include homeopathy for the newborn and breastfeeding. Also, how to apply homeopathy to emergencies and the realms of first aid.

for the

Childbirth Continuum


A weekend of knowledge about homeopathy for the caregiver who may experience challenges in the childbirth continuum. Midwives, nurses, doctors will learn to address such conditions as hypertension, swelling, prolonged labor, cervical dystocia, hemorrhage and more…