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Online Application

The requirements for attending our midwifery programs are simple, yet profound.:

We ask that you bring a sense of integrity, flexibility, and responsibility to your studies and to your life as a midwife.
We ask that you agree to have your belief systems challenged during this program.
We ask that you be comfortable with our classroom as a laboratory for learning and practicing peacekeeping and conflict resolution.
We ask that you come willing to be immersed in life, birth and healing as a participant, rather than an observer.

To apply:
Please read this page and then answer the following five questions. When completed, please e-mail your responses to

Whapio at belovedpilgrim@yahoo.com

  • What has led you to midwifery?
  • What gifts and talents do you feel that you bring to the vocation of midwifery?
  • How do you expect your practice will evolve?
  • What are your spiritual beliefs and practices and how have they evolved?
  • Why have you chosen to study at The Matrona?

Please include your name, address, phone number, emergency contact and email.
You may also include any other information that you would like to share…any particular thoughts or feelings about birth or midwifery, any prior study or experiences that may have been important or profound for you.

Thank you for your application., we look forward to connecting.!