Four-Day Holistic Doula
Certification Programs 2021

Here is our current schedule.

If you find a program that suits your needs and you wish to register follow the directions below…

For registration we require a $50 US deposit and we use PayPal.
Please use the button below that says Click Here to Register! to go directly to Paypal and make your payment through Goods and Services.  Do not forget to put your name, the email that you wish to use for confirmation, the program you are taking and the location of the program when you make your payment. We need this additional information to process you into the correct program. You will receive an immediate confirmation from Paypal when you make your payment. You will receive a confirmation from The Matrona within the next few days when the payment is processed. Thank you!

We include a contact person for each program to offer logistical information about the upcoming class.

 See our complete curriculum here:

For questions about the curriculum you can email Whapio at




Here is our Holistic Doula Calendar for 2022


March 2022


On-Line Doula Certification

March 10th – 13th
Thursday – Sunday

In an effort to make the class accessible to both
East & West Coast students, class times will be:
11am – 7pm EST
8am – 4pm PST

Cost $650

Contact Whapio at for further info
or visit our holistic doula page for curriculum here: