Quantum Birthing Wisdom
for Midwives and Advanced Doulas

A 4-day Program dedicated to The Quantum Paradigm and Physiologic Birth


We will immerse in the A&P of birth, from pregnancy through postpartum.
We’ll explore normal physiology and variations of normal in the practical and holistic ways that Elder Midwives approached childbirth. If you are a Doula, Midwife, Educator or Birth Consultant and wish to take your practice to the next level, this is for you.

If you are interested in Free Birth this is definitely a program that can deepen your knowledge of birth and give you the confidence that comes with knowing physiology and what the body is capable of in birth.

At The Matrona we see birth as a physiologic and transformational event and we suggest that a diligent and conscientious study of physiology is relevant for every birth caregiver. We are aware that some aspects of clinical care are often counterintuitive to physiology and that clinical care is not always a necessary option for a vast majority of normal women.

 It is relevant to understand how birth organically unfolds in order to question and change many birthing practices that have simply been handed down for years without authentic physiological undergirding or attention to common sense.

Here are some of the current practices that are often contraindicated in the clinical care given to normal healthy birthing women…

  • Confining women to bed
  • Denying women to ability to eat
  • Routine fetal monitoring
  • Routine vaginal exams
  • Lack of choice of laboring and birthing positions
  • Managed pushing
  • Misunderstanding of fetal distress
  • Disturbing the actual emergence of the baby
  • Suctioning the baby
  • Immediate cutting of the cord
  • Removing the baby from the mother’s arms
  • Disturbing placental separation
  • Mismanaging third stage
  • Rampant use of Pitocin and other drugs
  • Vitamin K shots and newborn vaccinations

We already know that this type of clinical management of birth  is often contrary to a fulfilling and safe birth for most women. In this class we’ll go deeper as we discuss the entire gamut of care received by the pregnant woman…from pregnancy to postpartum. We’ll explore the following topics with the understanding that many of these concerns are dealt with through the assumption that clinical means are the only way to approach these variations and complications.

We believe that using only a clinical approach creates unbalanced and counter-intuitive solutions that are not in keeping with health and wellbeing. Let’s understand the physiology of the following circumstances and then bring practical knowledge, common sense and the intuitive knowledge gained through the Quantum paradigm to each of these situations.

  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Rh sensitization
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Blood volume expansion and Anemia
  • Post-mature babies
  • Meconium in Labor
  • Interpreting FHT patterns
  • Fetal distress
  • What really constitutes a hemorrhage
  • Natural means to stop bleeding
  • Natural infant resuscitation methods
  • Neonatal jaundice
  • Structural concerns of the genital tract
  • and more…
  • (See our complete Schedule and Curriculum below…)

We will understand what is in the mind of the clinical caregiver to better facilitate women making informed choices about their care. We will discuss informed consent, the value of respecting instinctual responses, the role of the Father/Partner and Family-directed Caregiving.


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Curriculum and Schedule:


Thursday Morning:

The Quantum Paradigm is here!

Evolutionary Changes in Birth
Is Birth inherently a Clinical Event?
Tenets of a Quantum Paradigm
Birth as an Altered State of Consciousness


A Mystically Intelligent Approach to Physiology

Our quantum approach to physiology and the A&P of four major body systems that impact childbirth:


Covered in these topics…

Hormones that support pregnancy
Blood pressure
Components of Blood
Blood volume expansion
Physiologic anemia of pregnancy
Carbohydrate shift in pregnancy and diabetes
Physiologic swelling vs pathologic swelling
Varicose veins and hemorrhoids
The Bones of the Pelvis and the Position and Presentation



The Physiology of Pregnancy

Prenatal Care:

Risk Screening and the Nocebo Effect
Understanding what labwork and testing is about
Rh negative sensitization
Pre-eclampsia – Poverty Vs Impoverishment
Gestational Diabetes
ROM and PROM: Rupture of Membranes and Premature and Prolonged Rupture of Membranes
Induction of labor and fetal testing
The Cardinal Spiraling Movements of Birth (quick review)
Sacred Geometry of the Pelvis
Vaginal Exams: Station and Sutures
Checking the Progress of Birth without Cervical Exams



The Quantum Physiology of Birth

Physiologic vs Managed Care in labor
Fetal Monitoring: Pros and Cons
How we know that baby is okay without checking FHTs
Interpreting FHT patterns
Understanding of Fetal Distress
Fetal Scalp Sampling at Home
The Two Stages of Second Stage: Extension and Expulsion
Vertical Birth and Common Sense
Prolonged Labor…what can we offer
What about tearing and touching the perineum
If meconium occurs…what then…



Immediate Postpartum and the Newborn

The Separation Equation and the Fruits of Labor:
How to know where the placenta is at every moment
Effective natural means to stop bleeding
The Physiology of why babies breathe?
If baby doesn’t breathe…natural resuscitation methods
Healing and assessing tears in the postpartum
Instinctual Breastfeeding and the Breast crawl
The Self Latch for Newborns
The Physiology of Neonatal Jaundice and Vit K
Structural disorders of the genital tract as a result of birth:
Cystocele, Rectocele, Incontinence, Fistula



Each participant will receive a certificate for 30 hours of study in Holistic Childbirth.

The knowledge and wisdom shared in this program will enhance any Doula practice and we also offer an Advanced Doula Certificate to participants.



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This is an excellent opportunity to step up your knowledge base, revitalize your practice, ponder our role in meaningful birth changes and experience a wonderful and sacred experience  with like-minded women.

We hope you join us!