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Quantum Birthing Wisdom


We are going to Bemidji, Minnesota in July!
Thursday – Sunday
July 23 – July 26

A four-day program dedicated to the Quantum
Paradigm and Physiologic Birth

We’ll explore both normal physiology and variations of normal in the practical and holistic ways in which

the Elder Midwives approached childbirth.

This is a program for Birthkeepers of all kinds…

Doulas, Birth Attendants, Childbirth Consultants,
Midwives, Educators, Freebirthing Moms…
anyone interested in deepening the knowledge of birth.


You can see our complete curriculum description and schedule HERE


Since 2001, The Matrona has offered holistic education for
midwives, doulas and birth attendants.
We continue to do so, adding new programs as the birthing community grows and evolves. As we expand, our focus and curriculum remain centered on melding the intuitive with the academic, the mystical with the intelligent.

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