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Homeopathy for a Quantum Future

February 26th – June 17th, 2022

Homeopathy Immersion with Whapio

An interactive, online, immersive homeopathy program

16 week course with over 100 hours of live call time online with Whapio + case studies + pre-recorded videos

Visit the page for more information

On-line Holistic
Doula Program

March 10th – 13th, 2022

In an effort to make the class accessible to both
East & West Coast students, class times will be:
11am – 7pm EST
8am – 4pm PST

Contact Whapio for more information at belovedpilgrim@yahoo.com
or click below to see our curriculum

Online Postpartum
Doula Program

January 20 – 23, 2022

Thursday – Sunday

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Matrona Manifesto for Men

Here is a list of free 30 minute recording by Whapio on relevant topics such as…


Quantum Birth: The New Future



Becoming a Birth Consultant and Family Advocate



Birth as an Altered State of Consciousness



The Matrona Manifesto for Men


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Since 2001, The Matrona has offered holistic education for
midwives, doulas and birth attendants.
We continue to do so, adding new programs as the birthing community grows and evolves. As we expand, our focus and curriculum remain centered on melding the intuitive with the academic, the mystical with the intelligent.

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