Quantum Wisdom:

A Council of Conscious Beings

Friday night – Sunday afternoon

June 30th – July 2nd

With Whapio

At Earthaven Ecovillage

Near Black Mountain, NC



Consciousness, Healing, Altered States

Sexuality, Power, Eldership, Evolution…

In this intimate workshop, we’ll refine our skills,

learn new modalities, explore consciousness practices

and participate in a powerful GiveAway and

Changing Wo/Man Ceremony.

Let’s deepen our relationship with these life portals, holding

the Sacred Energy of Transformation in all our Communities



Cost: for the entire weekend – $195

Friday evening only – $25


sponsored by Culture’s Edge

Register today at culturesedge.net or call 828 669-1965


Friday night – 7 to 9 pm

A Tour of Consciousness

The Pineal Gland and Its Relationship to Consciousness

The Brain Waves of Altered States … Keys to Transformation

Using Entheogens for Evolution

Navigating Outside our Comfort Zone


Consciousness Practice

The Practice of Tapping our Glands for Health and Wisdom 


Saturday morning – 9:00 to 12:30 pm

Holding Transformation in Community

Sharing new information about age-old concerns that enhance our skills

for witnessing and holding transformation for others.

What are we taking into personal and planetary evolution?

Clarity, Accountability, Discernment, Trust.

Counselors, Healers, Birth Attendants, Witnesses—anyone called upon to hold transformative

experiences—learn and share tools to excavate and heal life wounds, making way for authentic transformation!


Consciousness Practice

Tapping the Glands and The Yoga Positions for the Day


Saturday afternoon – 1:30 to 5:00 pm

Using Our Power Wisely

Let’s use intelligent awareness to explore the ways we pull rank on

each other, especially psychologically and spiritually.

Who has the psychological capital to dominate others,

and how can we diffuse the misuse of power when confronted with it?

Studies in Eldership:

Leaders lead, but Elders follow.

Elders follow the flow of life and show up miraculously when they are needed.

Their presence is essential to the life of the community.


Consciousness Practice

Opening the Nadis (Your Energetic Nervous System) and Qigong Mantras


Sunday Morning – 9:00 to 1 pm

Sexuality, Ceremony and Celebration

The Yin and Yang of Sex

An eye-opening, short discussion with long-term positive results. Mindblowing!

Celebrating Changing Wo/Man

A powerful and evocative Ceremony entwined with a GiveAway.

We’ll claim the ‘Change We Wish to Be,’

and be witnessed and celebrated by all of our Council participants.


Consciousness Practice…

Tapping the Glands, Yoga Positions, Opening the Nadis, Qigong Mantras


From birth, and throughout all life’s rites of passage,

the principles of Quantum Wisdom

guide us in learning to Hold Transformation.

With understanding, insight and learning, based on the

quantum principles of physics now confirming the wisdom

of the world’s great spiritual traditions, Whapio offers

a multi-sensual, multi-dimensional approach to holistic living.

Seekers on the path of transformation will find

expanded perspectives and whole-person support in this work.

We hope you join us!


To register:

Please contact Arjuna at culturesedge@earthaven.org

or call 828 669-1965

For information about the curriculum:

Please contact Whapio at belovedpilgrim@yahoo.com