Tolewa has been serving the Atlanta community as a midwife since 2004. As a whole health provider, she specializes in homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, and mediation. She is also the co-founder of Mamatoto Childbirth Alliance and a graduate of The Matrona’s midwifery program.



My name is Osuntolewa Omolaja Oyewole. I believe that birth is a sacred and profound experience, and midwifery is a Sacred Art. I grew up in a developing Yoruba village in the forest of Sheldon, South Carolina. My family lived very close to the earth and as a child, I always felt a connection to nature. After college, I moved to Atlanta to pursue a medical degree when I became pregnant with my first child, Folade. It was when she slid into this world and into my hands that I received the call to midwifery. I began to self-study, apprenticed with local midwives in Atlanta, and graduated from a community doula program. After working in a conventional midwifery practice for two years, my spirit led me to the doorsteps of the House of La Matrona in Asheville, NC. Graduating from The Matrona empowered me to deliver two of my daughters unassisted, which helped to foster my personal belief that midwifery serves to return birth to the family.
I am co-founder of Mamatoto Childbirth Alliance, an organization that addresses the issue of limited availability of alternative birth options. We have strived to provide real and useful information that empower families to get the birth they want in any birth environment by returning birth to the family: empowering families to make informed choices that reflect the sacred process of birth. Through Mamatoto we founded The Resource Center, community service organization that offer free childbirth education, community classes on alternative health, homeopath, and woman’s health, and facilitated doula programs in Atlanta. From Mamatoto, Earth’s Healing Natural Family Services developed. I have been serving the Atlanta community as a midwife since 2004. As whole health provider, I specialize in homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, and mediation.
On my path to midwifery I have been blessed with the presence and wisdom of many great woman too many to name to whom I am forever grateful. As sacred midwives, we do not strive to control birth; rather, we allow birth to evolve freely and gracefully to its natural conclusion. In doing so, each of us — mother, father, baby and midwife — unfolds as a more whole and perfect human being. We empower each other and ourselves by allowing the process of life to unfold according to individual divine plan. The privilege to attend women and families in birth requires commitment and dedication to a lifestyle that embraces a desire to pursue the sacred.

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