Frequently Asked Questions

There are many frequently asked questions regarding a Matrona education.  Specifically around, ‘How do we differ from other programs?’, and ‘What can one do with this work upon completion?’
Below are some answers!

The Matrona is not accredited by any governing body, including the United States Dept. of Education or the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC).  This a conscious choice on the part of the Matrona, feeling that it allows a much more dynamic approach to what we can teach, not being limited and controlled by an outside organization. However, we then cannot receive financial aid from the United States Government.

We offer financial aid/scholarships on a limited, individual basis.  We do not offer work trade options at this time, because it is not a sustainable option for our organization.

Our Midwifery Correspondence Course meets the MANA (Midwifery Association of North America) Core Competencies for midwives. Therefore, upon graduation, one can use this course towards the requirements when applying for the PEP process towards becoming a CPM through NARM (North American Registry of Midwives).

Our Midwifery Immersion contributes a wide breadth of unique, holistic knowledge that can also be used towards the PEP process. However it is not comprehensive in meeting MANA’s Core Competencies, thus an individual would need to complete more didactic work as a self-study process.

One would have to gain hands-on birth experience before practicing, either from an apprenticeship, birth clinic program, etc.  This can be completed before, after, or during the attendance of one of our programs.

No, however we will work hard to support you in this process, and we do have midwives who work with us and support our graduates.

Many participants go on to practice midwifery in various ways, either as a CPM, DEM or Independent Midwife.  Others use the life and wise women skills gained during their education at the Matrona to support their communities in various ways, such as birth assistants, mediators, homeopathic consultants, and much more!

Yes, you receive a credential as a Certified Holistic Doula from the Matrona.  There is no national standard for Doula certifications, meaning this is equivalent to a certification through DONA, PALS or any other recognized doula education program.

The Matrona has been in operation for over a 15 years, founded by Whapio who was a practicing midwife for 20 years prior to its opening.  This is a longer running midwifery program than almost any currently offered nationwide.