Tending the Postpartum Psyche

In addition to our Holistic Doula Certification program
we have added a new course that
addresses tending the Postpartum Psyche.

We realize that doulas are being called upon to provide more.

Women want a caregiver/doula who can navigate the experience of birth and
can listen, witness and consult during the time after birth.

Women want doulas who can offer homeopathy and other simple,
non-invasive remedies for variations of normal.

Today’s Doula has an important and influential role in exploring transformation
for women and families in the experience of birth.

We believe that Doulas are the primary caregivers of the Postpartum Psyche
and are being called upon to help women navigate challenging birth outcomes,
trauma, situations that did to go as planned and even death.




 To fill these needs we offer our new 4-day program…

Tending the Postpartum Psyche
and Homeopathy for Birth

Two days devoted to the Postpartum Psyche and
Two days devoted to Homeopathy for the Childbirth Continuum

We have East Coast and West Coast Programs scheduled:

In San Diego, CA
March 8 – 11, 2018  –  Thursday – Sunday


Calgary, Canada
April 19 – 22, 2018  –  Thursday – Sunday


Rochester, NY
September 20 – 23, 2018  –  Thursday – Sunday


Cost – $495 for 4 days

 To register:

After you have decided what class you would like to attend, you can email the
contact person for instructions on how to register for your class.

We ask that non-refundable deposits of $50 are made to our PayPal with detailed notes of your name, email and class you would like to attend. Please make deposits through Good and Services. For questions please email the contact for the class!

In San Diego, CA
March 8 – 11, 2018
Contact Jenn Paez at: jleashultz@gmail.com

Calgary, Canada
April 19 – 22, 2018
Contact Sian Pilkington at: sianmariepilkington@hotmail.com

Rochester, NY
September 20 – 23, 2018
Contact Whapio at: belovedpilgrim@yahoo.com


We hope you join us!

Curriculum and Schedule


On Thursday and Friday we will discuss the postpartum psyche
and how we can facilitate the healthy return to the Post-Pregnancy time.
We’ll also share the skills of mentoring and eldership that allow us
to support the healing of the rampant wounding around the birth experience.

Here’s what we will learn on these first two days –

Tending the Postpartum Psyche

Thursday and Friday:

The Great Gift of the Postpartum

A time to integrate one of life’s most important transformations.
How does that look for the healthy, fulfilled mother and baby
and what happens when mothers are not fulfilled.

The Metaskills of Mentoring

What is the scope of the Mentor and what qualities do they possess.
We discuss the Study of Wounds – Exploring vulnerability and learning
to excavate wounds…not feed them, spin them or use them inappropriately.
How we move from Shame and Blame to Accountability and Restoration.

Using Power and Influence Wisely

Articulating and explaining the Power Dynamics that often cause
confusion, anger and a loss of dignity. We’ll understand how rank is used to
diminish self esteem and self direction and how we can move through these
situations in the moment and assist healing in the aftermath.

Re-working Situations through Witnessing, Collaboration and Shifting the Focus.


Throughout the two days we will receive:

Templates for conscious eldership and mentorship

Specific dialogue around examples of trauma, unwanted interventions and misuse of power

Wonderful self-care and consciousness practices for Doulas and Caregivers

New language for collaboration and wellbeing

On our next two days –

Saturday and Sunday:


It is the medicine of the future…it’s natural, affordable and accessible.
It works brilliantly…and it can be made easier to use!
Two days of practical and usable information connecting
homeopathy to your Doula or Midwifery practice.
We will definitely discuss remedies for the Postpartum Psyche which
makes these two days a perfect counterpart to Thursday and Friday.
We’ll start by offering a brief bit of the basics and
then we’ll look at various archetypal remedies for women.

We’ll then discuss various emotional and psychological topics and how to assist with homeopathy.
We’ll review particular situations in labor and birth as well as the postpartum,
including breastfeeding and newborn constitutions.


Homeopathy for the Childbirth Continuum

Topics for Saturday:

Principles and Practice in Homeopathy

A brief bit of the basics…and some new information…
The vital force and the soul-level connection
The Seven Levels of Prescribing
Case Taking and the Time Spiral

Women’s Archetypes in Pregnancy and Childbirth

Let’s look at some typical constitutional/archetypical remedies
that suit women in pregnancy and describe how to recognize them.
We’ll address the emotional states of late pregnancy and postpartum
including fear, anxiety, apprehension and worry and offer remedies.


Topics for Sunday:

Remedies for Labor and Postpartum

You’ll receive a digital hand-out with main remedies for birth and postpartum.
This includes remedies for concerns of labor such as pain, exhaustion, failure to
dilate, nausea, panic and other emotional states. We’ll also look at the concerns of
the postpartum psyche and offer remedies for disappointing outcomes, grief,
depression and physical, emotional and mental trauma.

Children’s Constitutions

Working with newborns, babies and toddlers can be made much easier
by knowing four constitutional remedies that cover the majority of children.
You’ll be amazed as you meet the children you know in one of these constitutions!


Prior knowledge of homeopathy can be very helpful but is not necessary.
We recommend reading a book or two before the class if you have no knowledge of homeopathy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth’ by Richard Moskowitz is
an excellent book with a understandable chapter that introduces you to
homeopathy. The book discusses remedies through stories and case studies of
women you will recognize…past, present or to come. This is an interesting and
vital way to learn homeopathy…through the actual people it has helped.
Another book is Miranda Castro’s ‘Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and YourBaby’s First Year’.
This book in invaluable to anyone who may want to seriously
pursue homeopathy in the childbirth continuum. Her information on casetaking and
finding the correct remedy is easy to understand. And she offers comprehensive
discussion on many remedies and numerous conditions in the childbearing cycle.
Both of these books are used in our Matrona Midwifery Diploma Program and
both are inexpensive and easy to find, both new and used.


By the end of these four days you will have a working
knowledge of how to assist women and families in discussing
birth outcomes. You will also have knowledge of homeopathic
remedies that can assist women and families in normalizing and
healing from the general stress and trauma of birth.