Practical Birthing Wisdom:
Holistic Information for Birth Attendants

For Doulas, Educators, Therapists, Consultants, Herbalists…
all who work in the realms of birth


Practical Birthing Wisdom:
A 4-day Program dedicated to Physiologic Birth

Now is the time…
For years many birth caregivers have promoted and encouraged choice in
childbirth and, ultimately, the return of birth to the family. Lately, women have been pushing us further and further to offer genuine choice and to end the clinical/medical control of women and birth. Now is the time to define and support a myriad of birth options.

Choice is paramount…
Every woman has the right to own and orchestrate her birth.

A woman has the right to choose a clinically managed birth if she desires and this is especially relevant in the high risk pregnancy or for any woman who feels safer and more empowered in a clinical setting. Likewise, every woman has the right to choose a Free Birth experience, an assisted birth or a non-assisted birth. She can choose a midwife-assisted birth or she can birth privately with a non-clinical witness in attendance. We have evolved past the point of denying a woman her choices…or shaming anyone for their choices.

Instead, let’s learn the practical physiology of the Elder Midwives and the Grand Midwives who understood that birth is not inherently a medical experience.
Let’s share more Birthing Wisdom and less Risk Screening.


Many mainstream medical and clinical practices, as well meaning as they may be, are not undergirded by physiology.
They have been passed along without question and taught to new students who then continue to pass along information that
becomes more and more unnatural and at odds with common sense as time passes. If we know our physiology and if we understand what the body is capable of doing we will not be tempted to interfere…and labor will most likely progress normally.
Letting go of well-intentioned practices that no longer serve is relevant.
Equally relevant is the ability to understand what is in the mind of the caregiver (doc, midwife) when they suggest these interferences.
We will look at pregnancy, birth and postpartum through the eyes of normal, non-
clinical birth experiences.

We will receive practical, physiologic information that can inform:
Free birthing families who wish to deeply understand physiology
Birth Attendants who wish to sit with unassisted families
Caregivers who wish to practice more organically
Doulas who want to inform women of hospital choices

Knowing physiology, and how it fits together in birth, gives us the confidence to hold space and not interfere.
It will bring more credibility to physiologic birth and may even free more women to birth without medical/clinical constraints.

So, we have four days…let’s learn physiology!

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A Mystically Intelligent Approach to Physiology
Our approach to physiology and the A&P of four
major body systems that impact childbirth:


Covered in these topics…
Hormones that support pregnancy
Blood pressure
Components of Blood
Blood volume expansion
Physiologic anemia of pregnancy
Carbohydrate shift in pregnancy
Physiologic swelling vs pathologic swelling
Varicose veins and hemorrhoids?
Risk Screening: Keeping Women Normal


The Physiology of Pregnancy:
Prenatal Care: How much is necessary
Understanding labwork and testing
Rh negative sensitization
Pre-eclampsia and why is it on the rise in resourced women?
Is Gestational Diabetes real?
ROM and PROM: Rupture of Membranes and Premature
and Prolonged Rupture of Membranes
Induction of labor and fetal testing


The Physiology of Birth:
Physiologic vs. Managed Care in labor
Fetal Monitoring: Pros and Cons
Interpreting FHT patterns
What constitutes fetal distress?
Vaginal Exams: Station and Sutures…What can you learn
The Bones of the Pelvis and the Position and Presentation of the Baby
Cardinal Movements of Birth (quick review)
The Two Stages of Second Stage: Extension and Expulsion
Vertical Birth and Common Sense
What about tears? Should anyone touch the perineum during labor?
What about meconium…what’s going on?


Immediate Postpartum and the Newborn:
The Separation Equation and the Fruits of Labor:
How to know where the placenta is at every moment
Effective natural means to stop bleeding
The Physiology of why babies breathe?
What if a baby doesn’t breathe…natural resuscitation methods
Healing and assessing tears in the postpartum
Instinctual Breastfeeding and the Breast crawl
The Physiology of Neonatal Jaundice and Vit K
Structural disorders of the genital tract as a result of birth:
Cystocele, Rectocele, Incontinence, Fistula


As you can see, we have chosen to cover many topics in four days.
The idea is to give you a point of reference for each topic and focus on the big picture rather than go into great depth and detail about each item.

I will point you in the right direction
to further your knowledge of each topic.

My goal in this program is to present an intuitive and clinical
understanding that much of what is done in our current birthing culture
is counterintuitive to physiology and to common sense.
Authentic, organic physiology undergirds the return of birth to the family
and points us in the direction of a new template
with which to serve birthing families.

The Cost of the program is $545 US


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